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Skypower to sign pact with kenya to develop 1-gw solar power

Canadian solar company SkyPower Global is set to sign an agreement with Kenya’s energy ministry to develop 1 gigawatt of solar power in the country. The project will span five years and require an estimated $2.2 billion in investment. Although the agreement’s specifics are yet to be finalized, there is significant interest from investors, NGOs, and development banks.

Africa has become a focal point for renewable energy developers due to its vast untapped potential and regions with insufficient or unreliable power supply. Currently, Kenya meets about two-thirds of its electricity needs from renewable sources, primarily hydropower and geothermal energy.

While the country recently unveiled a significant wind farm and received funding for geothermal development, there remains considerable scope for solar projects. Across Africa, renewable energy investments have been increasing, with Sudan’s wind resources alone capable of powering 90 percent of the continent’s electricity demand.

However, analysts warn that the future of renewable energy development in Africa will be heavily influenced by politics. Political support will play a crucial role in determining how effectively the continent can leverage its renewable energy potential and become a major player in the global shift towards green energy.

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Kathleen Jones
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