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Solar Thermal Company Ausra, Inc Receives the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Stamp of Approval

Solar Thermal Company Ausra, Inc Receives the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Stamp of Approval


California based Ausra, Inc., a leading provider of large-scale solar steam systems for electricity generation and industrial processes, was recently awarded the “S” Stamp Certificate of Authorization from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for the manufacture of the company’s industrial solar steam power boilers. Ausra is the first and only solar steam power boiler manufacturer to receive this Certificate of Authorization under ASME’s Boiler and Pressure Vessel (BPV) Code.

With the ASME “S” Stamp Certificate, Ausra is also accredited to use the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors “NB” Stamp for its solar boilers.

An ASME “S” Stamp indicates that a product conforms to the latest edition of the ASME BPV Code and is considered the industry hallmark of acceptance and certification. It is recognized in more than 100 countries as a means of meeting government safety regulations, and complies with all safety laws and regulations in the United States and Canada.

“Receiving the ‘S’ Stamp certification is a milestone that tells our customers that Ausra’s solar power boilers will be manufactured and assembled to meet ASME’s stringent standards for safety, quality and reliability,” said Ausra Chief Executive Officer Robert E. Fishman. “This certificate is a testimony to the high caliber of Ausra’s engineering, manufacturing and construction management teams. Ausra is proud to be the first industrial solar power boiler manufacturerto receive the “S” Stamp Certificate. This stamp accreditation positions Ausra to immediately begin shipments of our solar power steam boilers to a diverse range of utility and industrial customers.”

Ausra’s Next Generation Solar Thermal Installations

Solar Thermal Company Ausra, Inc Receives the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Stamp of Approval

Ausra Inc

Ausra’s solar thermal steam systems

incorporate next-generation Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) technology to: fuel standalone solar thermal and solar-natural gas hybrid power plants, augment power generation for new and existing fossil-fired power plants and generate direct solar steam for industrial applications, including enhanced oil recovery, desalinationand food processing [].

The company’sKimberlina Solar Thermal Energy Plant in Bakersfield, CA is the first solar thermal power plant to come online in California in nearly 20 years. The facility generates electricity for California’s peak summer demand period. Kimberlina is also the first solar power boiler to be permitted in California and serves as a testing and demonstration facility for Ausra’s solarsteam customers. In Australia, Ausra provides solar-generated steamfor the New South Wales-based utility Macquarie Generation’s 2,000-megawatt Liddell coal-fired power plant, allowing the utility to generate electricity with less emissions. Additional information on Ausra’s Kimberlina and Liddell solar power installationsis available at

About Ausra’s CLFR Technology

Ausra’s zero-emissions solar thermal energy system is simple, durable and scalable. It produces steam directly from the sun using modular flat mirrors to focus the sun’s heat onto elevated centralized receivers, which consist of a system of tubes through which water flows. The concentrated sunlight boils the water in the tubes, generating high-pressure steam for use in power generation and industrial steam applications.

CLFR is the most land-efficient solar technologyin operation, generating 1.5-to-3 times more power per acre of land than competing solar technologies. This high energy density translates into lower costs, a smaller environmental footprint and greater access to existing power plant and industrial sites. Additional information on Ausra’s CLFR technology is available at Thermal Company Ausra, Inc Receives the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Stamp of Approval

About Ausra, Inc.

According to the company Ausra is a leader in solar thermal energy design, development and manufacturing and is committed to serving the global energy needs of its customers in a dependable, market-competitive and environmentally responsible manner. Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, Ausra is a privately held company with operations in the United States and Australia. To learn more about Ausra and solar thermal energy, visit

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