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About Us

Solar Thermal Magazine is an online publication dedicated to the understanding and global adoption of clean energy and energy consumption best practices. With beginnings supporting the concentrated solar community, Solar Thermal Magazine now encompasses all clean energy that is derived from the power of the sun. This includes such technologies as wind, wave and alternative fuels. From major utility scale clean energy installations around the world to exciting development in electric vehicles to installing a solar thermal hot water heater in your home, our passionate team brings you the latest news, topical technological trends and worldwide market developments.

We will also keep you up to date on important happenings with climate change, the fossil fuel and nuclear energy industries as they have such an impact on the future development of the concentrated solar industry.

Meet the Team:

Kathleen Jones – Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Kathleen brings a diverse background in finance, accounting and management consulting to Solar Thermal Magazine. She has a degree in economics, a professional accounting designation and experience ranging from treasury management to small business and tax consulting. Her firm belief that sustainability is the key to the future of the planet along with her passion for nature and animals are what drove her to co-found Solar Thermal Magazine and its publisher Energy Think Group. She is excited to be a force for positive change in the world.

Georges Smith – Co-Founder & Technology Writer

We are privileged to have Mr. Smith as a technology contributor. He holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Alternative Energy Technology. 

He has dedicated himself to renewable energy and energy efficiency and firmly believes that solar thermal technology is the key to breaking the worlds addiction to dirty energy.

Shelley Stuart, Contributing Writer

Shelley brings a very successful consulting background to our team. She is a talented writer who has a passion for the environment and renewable energy. Shelley’s extensive management consulting background includes business planning and re-engineering, government program evaluations of environment related programs and industry research. Shelley is so dedicated to the green economy, she is in the process of completing her MBA in Sustainable Management. Shelley is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys running, biking, hiking, and camping.

We also accept submissions from citizen journalists and industry analysts if they are topical and well written.