Designing The Perfect Super Solar Cell.

Super Solar Cell Design Uses The Best Of Both Worlds.

Increasing the efficiency of solar power technology while at the same time reducing the cost to produce solar electricity is the goal for so many researchers around the world. Solar photovoltaic by itself has an efficiency of less than 20 percent.

This means that from the solar energy that hits the cell only 20 percent is converted to usable electricity.

Solar thermal electricity owes much of it’s higher efficiency levels to that concentration of the sun that is used for solar towers or parabolic units. By combining these 2 technologies scientists may have found a way to bring the power of the sun to power more of our economy.

Designing The Perfect Super Solar Cell.

Designing The Perfect Super Solar Cell.

Enter the perfect solar cell.

Australian scientists from the University of NSW have set a new world record for the efficiency of commercially-viable solar cells.

Dr Graham Phillips investigates new technology that is able to convert more than 40 per cent of the sun’s light into electricity. This is more than double the efficiency of today’s domestic rooftop solar panels, and could eventually lead to cheaper sources of renewable energy.

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