Dubai Has it’s Own Version of Clean Energy, Solar Powered Palm Trees

The Dubai Solar Power Palm Tree Design
The Dubai Solar Power Palm Tree Design

Solar Powered Palm Tree Technology – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Renewable energy is gaining in importance in most of the world as national leaders notice the react to the limited and damaging nature of fossil fuels. Historically oil rich countries in the middle east ironically also have significant clean energy availability in the form of solar power.

Solar Palm Trees have many great new options

Solar Palm Trees have many great new options

Up until now these countries have not pursued solar energy in any meaningful way. Out of Dubai recently which is an incredibly oil rich territory is evidence this may be changing.

Considering their location, solar power technology is one of the best ways forward and one such technology that of solar power palm trees has started harvesting energy from the sun and using it to meet an array of needs.

How does This Work?

Smart palm solar powering palm trees in Dubai

Smart palm solar powering palm trees in Dubai


Obviously, the Solar Palm is not really a palm tree, rather it is a solar structure shaped like a palm tree. The leaves which open to the sun are where the solar panels are placed.

The trunk is filled with numerous features and a table-like structure is placed right in front where the leaves of the palm offer some sort of shade.






Features of Solar Powered Palm Trees

The Solar Palm is designed with the following features:

1. Completely Independent

The solar palm is 100% dependent on solar power for its energy. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the item getting its electricity from ordinary sources – the engineering of the palm makes it fully capable of sustaining sufficient power to meet all the functions installed in its system.

2. Sitting Area

The palms provide shade directly in front of the spot where it is installed, allowing for the placement of a seating area where individuals can sit back and relax while utilizing the Solar Palm.

3. Charging Station

The palm also comes with a charging station that can accommodate all types of devices. The charging speed is 2.5 times faster than usual, providing immediate power for those who need it for emergency purposes. While charging, individuals can make use of the seating area available.

4. Wi-Fi Hotspot

Perhaps the best feature of the Smart Palm is the fact that it acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot. It has a range of more than 100m, allowing individuals from all around to connect and access their favorite websites.

5. Touch Screen Information with Emergency Button

There is also a touch screen installed on the trunk of the palm, providing a variety of information for users who want to navigate through the city. It is multi-lingual so even tourists can make use of this convenient device. An emergency button is installed into the touch screen together with a CCTV camera, providing individuals with the chance to contact authorities in the event of dire need.

6. Digital Outdoor Screens

There is also room on the trunk for government messages, information, and commercial data displayed on a routine basis. This will serve as a message board for both public and private announcements.

7. Durability

Each Smart Palm is designed with outdoor use in mind. This means that users don’t have to worry about environmental factors causing damage to the palm and many of its charging stations.

Solar Palms are not just a concept – they are already built and working in Dubai, although there are just few of them currently being used. The product’s website actually has a real-time count on its users, logging in how many people use the WiFi or charge their phones through the palm.



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