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New Compressor Design Cuts Energy Usage By 50 Percent

New Compressor Design Cuts Energy Usage ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – NEWTON, Ala., Oct. 3, 2014. Ray McKenzie and Mac Chaney of Dothan and Madison, Ala., have developed a new product that has the potential to revolutionize the HVAC and refrigeration industries.

It’s a cutting-edge compressor that is 50 percent more efficient than conventional equipment. Not only that, but it is smaller, lighter, quieter, more reliable and less expensive. In addition, their Advanced Linear Refrigerant Compressor has a wide variety of applications, including an HVAC, heat-pump water heaters, refrigerators, geo-thermal systems, window air conditioners and food preservation coolers.

Dubbed the RayMacCompressor (RMC), it has only one moving part, eliminates much of the energy lost to friction in rotating motors, and uses virtually no copper, reducing cost and weight. The RMC has a number of other innovative features including:

  • Variable stroke that enables differing workloads and conditions No cycling, which eliminates start-up power-surges and drastically reduces power consumption

    No start or run capacitors, the least reliable components in an HVAC system

“We call it the lean, green pumping machine,” said McKenzie.

With rising energy costs over the years, it makes more sense to conserve energy than to produce more. Our RayMacCompressor can save an enormous amount of energy while also being versatile enough for multiple applications.

At the present time, the RMC is operating at an efficiency level that is 30 percent higher than typical compressors. McKenzie and Chaney are confident that, with additional research and testing, the unit’s efficiency can reach up to 50 percent.

The main hurdle at this point is funding. McKenzie needs about $55,000 for further testing and development as well as production equipment, agency Approvals (UL, CE, and FCC) and marketing.

In order to generate this capital, McKenzie and Chaney have launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a $15 contribution, backers will receive a monthly newsletter, detailing progress of the RMC, and a color photo of the unit. A $50 pledge fetches the newsletter plus a RayMacCompressor Green Team Member T-shirt.

In exchange for a large donation, McKenzie and Chaney will demonstrate the RMC in person at an organization or facility.

“We have a design team that is knowledgeable and experienced in many fields, including electronics, battery technology, telecom design, product assembly and computer technology,” McKenzie said.

For additional information, visit or the RayMacCompressor website,

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