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Another New Internet of Everything Platform Launched at European Utility Week 2014

Another New Internet of Everything Platform Launched at European Utility Week 2014

IJENKO, a home energy management solutions company, has announced today the launch of its new platform IoE2 designed to bridge the worlds of Internet of Energy and Internet of Things. IoE2 enables service providers in the smart home sector to deliver augmented consumer experiences by leveraging multiple smart home and device ecosystems.

The Internet of Things (IoT) wave is boosting the smart home market with predictions of about 200 million smart households by 2018 (source: 2014 Strategic Analytics).  At the same time, global digital brands are investing heavily in connected homes consumers products and ecosystems, B2C distribution models and new IoT alliances. These create a huge opportunity for consumers to benefit from advanced and appealing user experiences in their daily life. With the IJENKO IoE2 platform, Energy and Communication service providers can now build and deliver value across those various ecosystems and verticals, create an augmented and unified customer experience, and grow their upstream business value thanks to increased consumer stickiness and use of the services.

Based on open cloud technologies and a complete set of APIs, the IJENKO IoE2 platform enables service providers to deliver end user services in the field of energy management and home automation using low-power devices such as Zigbee, EnOcea and others, as well as IP devices and services. With IJENKO’s IoE2 , service providers can have their own services and devices interact with other IoT devices, platforms or frameworks such as IFTTT, Thread, Homekit, OIC, AllJoyn, and allow developer communities to create unified services and applications.

For Serge Subiron, CEO of IJENKO, “The Internet of Things wave fueled by internet, mobile and B2C brands is a massive opportunity for Energy and Communications Services Companies, if they act strategically. This momentum allows them to build on the strong interest of consumers for connected devices in the home and develop innovative services, stickiness, and business value.” He adds “Service Providers should surf the wave, and not fight against it! We are proud to demonstrate the power of the Internet of Energy combined with the Internet of Everything, what we call the IoE2, at EUW14 in Amsterdam. By using our context-aware Platform, Service Providers can propose unified and enhanced user experiences with their own smart home services and grow in this non-commodity open world.”

I is the reference Platform combining the value of the Internet of Energy and the Internet of Everything for Service Providers to deliver augmented consumer experiences in the smart home.

We help both Energy and Communications service providers as well as Consumer Electronics Brands develop new consumer eco-systems and distribution models. We integrate and pilot IP and non IP devices in the home, making sense of personal and aggregated data for superior user experiences and social & business value.

We innovate continuously to unify Internet of Everything clouds and services within context-aware distributed software intelligence.  This enables the development of an easy, useful digital life in the home, respectful of human control.

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