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10 Mwatt(e) Solar Tower In Seville Spain

This video does a great job of highlighting  the visual beauty of the Abengoa Solar Power Tower in Operation. Equally as beautiful is the dream of the residents of Seville Spain which envision a day when their city will be entirely powered by solar energy. The video takes the viewer on a journey to a field in spain full of 600 giant computer controlled mirrors and explores from the inside out an operating 10 megawatt Solar Tower. The excess energy from the system is stored in huge tanks for use at night. I dont know that anyone can view this video and not want to pursue the technology for thier country or city. Power from this project is three times as expensive as from conventional energy however this is brand new technology which will benefit enormously in years to come from continous improvement, technological advancements and economies of scale. Sure you have to clean the mirrors but do you think the  maintenance requirements of a nuclear power plant or combined cycle natural gas generator are less. Wrong , mirror cleaning is relatively easy as maintenance tasks go and does not require a highly trained nuclear engineer to perform it.

If you have the solar resources this beats an open pit coal mine, oil or gas drilling rig or tar sand/shale project hands down.

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ST Staff Writers
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