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All-Electric Aircraft Prototype Unveiled

Eviation Aircraft, a global manufacturer of all-electric air mobility solutions,  unveiled the prototype of its all-electric aircraft on the tarmac of the 52nd International Paris Air Show. This public debut of the Eviation aircraft signifies the current shift in regional air travel that is redefining the traditional aviation industry at the show.

Eviation is ushering in the next wave of aviation innovation with a design that is fully-electric from the outset. This holistic approach has led to a re-envisioning of core component designs, including the airframe, propeller and motor, placing an emphasis on maximizing flight efficiency and energy usage. With an IP portfolio that includes thermal management and autonomous landing, Eviation’s craft faces zero regulatory hurdles, as it is compliant with today’s certification requirements, and is in talks with a growing number of regional flight operators.

“We are witnessing a new age in aviation as advances in energy storage and aircraft design bring electric, on-demand air transit within reach,” said Mark Moore, Uber Engineering Director of Aviation. “Our focus at Uber is in galvanizing the ecosystem necessary for urban VTOL electric vehicles to thrive for 20-60 mile trips that can provide massive time savings over ground transportation for long trips in cities. In parallel, we are encouraged to see bold new players like Eviation tackling challenges in different sectors using electric aviation; these players will help catalyze demand for new battery and rapid recharging technologies that are crucial to enable electric flight.”

Just as shared, electric, and autonomous vehicles are disrupting ground transportation, air mobility presents an opportunity to reshape where we choose to live, work, play and explore. Though regional transit functions as the backbone of transportation systems, local operators can spend up to 7 percent of their operating costs in maintenance and ensuring planes are at the right place at the right time. Offering passengers the comfort and stability of a jetliner, at a cost that rivals any existing form of transit today, Eviation’s electric aircrafts are flying proof of concept missions, and will move into certification and commercialization in 2018. The company expects to perform the first commercial flights as early as 2021.

“At a time when we are more connected than ever, our mobility options must adapt to reflect this new, efficient future,” said Omer Bar-Yohay, CEO of Eviation Aircraft. “Whether it is a zero emissions, low-cost trip from Silicon Valley to San Diego, or Seoul to Beijing, our all-electric aircraft represents a chance for people to move with the speed and impact our global economy now demands.”

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