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Australia Renewable Energy Jobs Decreasing

Australia Renewable Energy Jobs Decreasing Australias opportunity to lead in renewable energy and create clean energy jobs

Australia Renewable Energy Jobs ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

According to a new report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the recent change in government policies towards renewable energy in the country have adversely impacted employment opportunities in the field. Since the peak for clean energy employment in 2010 to today there has been a decline of 15% .

The report states:

Annual direct FTE employment in renewable energy activities in Australia stood at 12,590 in 2013-14. This figure is an increase of 3,840 or 44 per cent on the employment level of 8,750 recorded for 2009-10. However, there has been a decline of 2,300 or 15 per cent from the peak of 14,890 recorded for 2011-12.

Australia is missing a fantastic opportunity to lead in renewable energy technology, a chance to create good paying clean energy jobs and to power their economy with something other than fossil fuels. The country enjoys high levels of solar wave and wind resources that are capable of powering the country for centuries to come if properly harnessed and utilized.

It remains to be seen whether the current government will reverse direction with regards to clean energy or if change will have to wait for a new government.

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