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Sun Tracking System NEXTracker Lands a Large Order

Sun Tracking System NEXTracker Lands a Large Order Tracking the sun makes solar arrays more efficient.

Sun Tracking System NEXTracker ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

According to a press release today, CalCom Solar has entered into a 100 MW supply agreement with NEXTracker to serve its agribusiness customers.

“CalCom’s principals have over 35 years of solar experience and to date have overseen the construction of over 50 MW of trackers,” said Nic Stover, CEO of CalCom.

NEXTracker technology is the greatest proven advancement to emerge in the industry.  With CalCom’s focus on helping agricultural customers use solar to save on energy costs, NEXTracker is a great offering to lower costs and increase energy production. They’ve assembled the ‘dream team’ of the PV racking business; they’re very supportive of our needs.  We’re excited to be deploying NEXTracker for visionary agribusinesses leaders like Woolf Farming and Processing.

“We are very appreciative to be partnering with CalCom Solar and their customers,” noted NEXTracker CEO Dan Shugar.

The agricultural sector is well served by solar and CalCom delivers exceptional expertise in designing, engineering, and constructing solar power systems for agricultural operations.   With unimpeded rows and easy construction, NEXTracker offers maximum reliability, performance and profitability.  Together, CalCom and NEXTracker are delivering solar systems that generate more energy at lower cost, helping leading growers like Woolf Farming to lower their operating costs with clean solar power.

“Woolf Farming and Processing has a multi-generational legacy of producing more with less while improving the land,” said Stuart Woolf, President of Woolf Farming.

Solar is a perfect fit for our vision of sustainable farming, and CalCom Solar and NEXTracker are the best choices for our needs.  We are excited to be working together with these great companies to use the power of the sun to not only grow food but provide the energy to process it for our customers.

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