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Solar PV , Airplanes and Cognac Together in France

Solar PV , Airplanes and Cognac Together in France The companies established two joint ventures, Novengo 2 and Novengo 3, to develop the carport and rooftop systems, respectively

Cognac France ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – Upsolar, a leading provider of solar PV modules, recently announced the commissioning of a 545-kWp solar system for the Angoulême-Cognac International Airport in France. The project—a 445-kWp installation atop 206 parking spots, and a 100-kWp array on the hangar rooftop—is the most recent collaboration between Upsolar and Solstyce, a local engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services provider. The companies established two joint ventures, Novengo 2 and Novengo 3, to develop the carport and rooftop systems, respectively.  

Occupying an area of 2,850 m², the PV system generates enough clean power—600,000 kWh per year—to satisfy approximately 10 percent of the town’s residential energy consumption. In the construction phase alone, the project provided nearly 5,000 hours of employment opportunities for regional businesses.  Over the lifetime of the project – estimated at 35 years – management of the plant is estimated to add an additional 3800 hours of employment opportunities.

“In recent years, our partnership with Solstyce has empowered businesses and schools throughout France to take control of their electricity bills and enhance sustainability efforts with clean energy,” said Sébastien Prioux, managing director at Upsolar Europe.

Together, we’re not just building solar PV systems—we’re building reliable, long-term investment opportunities.

The Angoulême-Cognac International Airport system was inaugurated during a formal ceremony on November 20, attended by Nicole Bonnefoy, president of the Syndicat mixte des Aéroports de Charente (SMAC). This partnership is part of a long-term development of renewable energy in the region of Charente. Since 2010, Solstyce and Upsolar have been in collaboration with the General Council of Charente to bring solar systems to the rooftops of regional high schools, as well as SMAC and the Angoulême Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) to outfit airport buildings and facilities. Nearly 1.48 MWp of solar capacity are now in operation across 14 production sites through the Novengo joint venture, a significant contribution to the local governments’ commitment to the pursuit of sustainability.

“As a France-based company, we feel a responsibility to help fight climate change and support the economy here at home,” said Guillaume David, president at Solstyce.

Teaming with Upsolar allows us to simultaneously tackle each goal, and we look forward to bringing a host of new projects to life.

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