Is the New Tesla Model D All Electric Car Worth the $ 80,000 USD Price Tag?

Tesla Model D All Electric Car

Model D All  ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

The new all electric Mercedes B class retails for $ 50,000 USD and the new BMW I3 all electric drive sells for $ 60,000. This month Elon Musk finally released the details of the all new Model D all electric 2 motor drive car and the price tag.

The Model D Tesla will retail for $ 80,000 but is it worth the difference?

Tesla as a car company is very young and new to the business while BMW and Mercedes are major players in the global automotive scene with decades of successful car building experience.  Which would you choose for the money and why?


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  • Elon ist auf dem richtigen Weg ich hoffe wir können uns ergänzen mit dem Umwelt-ThmenPark in der Schweiz . Der die längst fällige Transparenz schaft.
    Die 52 innovativsten Unternehmungen auf einem Campus.
    Elon lass uns zusammen regarts im 2015

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