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Solar thermal magazine OneRoof Energy® Announces Professional Affiliate Channel

Solar thermal magazine OneRoof Energy® Announces Professional Affiliate Channel

SAN DIEGO,CA – OneRoof Energy has announced its Professional Affiliate Channel, a diverse network of business professionals who leverage existing relationships with homeowners to facilitate residential solar adoption. In addition to OneRoof Energy’s direct sales teams and groundbreaking technology solutions – including its proprietary SunOpps® software platform and mORE Power app for homeowners – the company has so far trained more than 130 affiliates to incorporate OneRoof Energy’s solar financing options as part of their existing client service models.

With an aim to simplify the process of going solar and make solar financing more accessible, OneRoof Energy originally began its mission to bring solar services to homeowners through roofing professionals. The Professional Affiliate Channel expands that network to include professionals in fields such as financial services, home improvement and education. These relationships give homeowners a familiar way to learn about the benefits of solar and empower professional affiliates to add value to their clients and create new revenue streams. The program also underscores OneRoof Energy’s commitment to being the industry leader in low-cost residential solar solutions.

“The residential solar market is still young and highly fragmented. Trust is paramount in our business and, oftentimes, people are slow to trust new market entrants,” said David Field, president and chief executive officer, OneRoof Energy.

OneRoof Energy already has significant experience working with a very large network of roofers, solar installers and dealers. We want to bring other professionals into the fold, people that have established relationships with homeowners and are eager to bring new services to their practices.

OneRoof Energy deploys a team of dedicated in-house relationship managers who work directly with professional affiliates to help them offer solar to their client base. Affiliates can either refer their clients who are interested in solar to OneRoof Energy, or be trained on how to cross-sell solar as a part of their existing services. The program provides the flexibility to accommodate those affiliates who prefer to stick to their core business, and those who want to learn a new skill and add new value for their customers.

“Helping my clients make their money go further is my job. Introducing them to the benefits of solar financing is a natural extension of my work as a tax accountant,” said Lewis Comerford of D&L Taxes and Bookkeeping Service in Vallejo, California.

It’s a win-win for the homeowner and the professional service provider. The homeowner saves money on their monthly electricity bill, and the professional gets an additional revenue stream while bringing more value to their customer relationship. I’m seeing strong uptake already.

About OneRoof Energy

OneRoof Energy is a complete solar services provider offering homeowners everything from the financing, system design and installation project management to ongoing system monitoring and maintenance. Through the use of its game-changing, proprietary solar sales and design software, OneRoof Energy helps homeowners find a finance option that is best suited to their individual lifestyle and budget, including the zero-down lease option.

OneRoof Energy’s signature, SolarSelect® leasing programs allow homeowners to go solar with nothing down, pay less on monthly electricity bills, and enjoy protection against utility rate hikes for up to 25 years. OneRoof Energy is led by a seasoned management team of renewable energy industry veterans with a proven track record of making energy independence a reality. Currently, the company serves homeowners throughout Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts with plans for additional northeastern expansion. For more information, visit

Solar thermal magazine OneRoof Energy® Announces Professional Affiliate Channel

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