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Improving Solar PV Panel and Inverter Quality for everyone

Solar PV Panel and Inverter Quality ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) SAN FRANCISCO and MARLBOROUGH, Mass., Sept. 11, 2014 .Sunrun, the largest dedicated residential solar company in the United States, and SolarBuyer, a major provider of diligence and quality assurance services for the solar industry, today announced their collaboration on a comprehensive program for further managing and improving solar panel and inverter quality, performance and reliability for homeowners’ solar systems. The improved program builds upon Sunrun’s history of panel testing and quality assurance since its inception.

Sunrun and SolarBuyer proactively developed the program, which incorporates a rigorous qualification and ongoing monitoring process of inverters, PV modules, manufacturers and manufacturing facilities that significantly exceeds current international standards. The program is designed to independently assure the quality of the hardware being installed on customers’ rooftops by Sunrun and its ecosystem of nationwide partners.

“We build and service thousands of solar systems a month and are devoted to providing the best customer experience possible by installing only high quality equipment from world-class manufacturers who demonstrate an exemplary commitment to quality and consistency,” said Paul Winnowski, Sunrun’s chief operating officer.

With SolarBuyer, we are providing quality to consumers that is unmatched in the industry, which will play an ever increasing role in customer referrals and the adoption of home solar by even more families. Homeowners can feel assured that they have a high quality system on their roof that will reliably produce clean electricity for the long term.

The program, which was originally developed by SolarBuyer, includes assessing the design, material and manufacturing quality of panels and inverters to ensure that the long-term performance and reliability requirements of Sunrun systems will be met. This is achieved with a combination of laboratory testing, factory auditing and regular inspection of finished hardware on a quarterly and annual basis.

“We are excited to be partnering with Sunrun and supporting their efforts to ensure solar system quality. The program developed for Sunrun was based on a clear understanding of their needs and tailoring a solution to fit their goals,” said Ian Gregory, managing director for SolarBuyer.

We have nearly a century of cumulative experience with panels that gives us an edge in helping customers like Sunrun who need to understand what makes a good quality solar system. And we have demonstrated a consistent track record by performing more than 140 factory audits on more than 65 different mainstream suppliers and independently inspecting thousands of solar components a year.

“It is vitally important that leading residential solar companies proactively manage the quality of their systems for the benefit of homeowners relying on that system to run their daily lives from turning on their lights to charging their devices and running appliances. Sunrun also recognizes that taking the lead on quality will support the long-term sustainable growth of the industry,” said Winnowski.

About Sunrun
Sunrun pioneered solar as a service, a way for homeowners to go solar without high upfront cost, and is the largest dedicated residential solar company in the U.S. Sunrun provides end-to-end service for homeowners to choose cleaner, cheaper, solar energy and fix their electric costs for 20 years. The company designs, installs, finances, insures, monitors and maintains the solar panels on a homeowner’s roof, while families pay just for the electricity at a lower rate than their current utility. Since Sunrun introduced solar service in 2007, it has become the preferred way for consumers to go solar in the nation’s top solar markets. Sunrun has deployed more than $2 billion in solar systems and has raised more than $300 million in equity capital. For more information please visit:

About SolarBuyer
SolarBuyer provides a unique set of technical diligence, procurement support and quality assurance products and services for major buyers, financiers and investors in the solar industry.  Founded in 2011 by a team of solar experts, SolarBuyer has grown quickly to become a well-respected player in the industry. The company has a focused mission to support the long-term growth of the solar market by setting and managing rigorous quality standards. The company provides technical diligence for investors in the form of actionable reports and dashboards, expertise in negotiating quality requirements for major buyers as well as factory and field based quality assurance services that verify the quality of panels and inverters before or after shipment.  Photo credit

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