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Solar PV in South Eastern Europe

Solar PV in South Eastern EuropePREBOLD, December 2012.

BISOL Group is constantly expanding its global sales network and entering new markets. By entering the markets of South-Eastern Europe the company not only set its position as a provider of premium quality solar solutions but also as a reliable partner in disseminating knowledge about photovoltaics and educating clients and the public.

BISOL Group, one of the leading European providers of solar solutions, is constantly performing rigorous quality checks to ensure their PV modules and other solutions offer flawless performance and a lifetime high-energy yield. By entering the markets of the former Yugoslavia and South-Eastern Europe, the company decided to educate their local customers and to establish a network of installers who have the appropriate skill and knowledge to install solar power systems with BISOL Group’s solar components on a professional level.

In addition to successful debut performances at fairs in Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, supported by experts’ advice, BISOL Group carried out three extensive training programmes for installers from South-Eastern Europe. The last session finished last week; all together 53 participants attended all three training programmes. Participants were acquainted with both the theoretical basics of photovoltaics and solar solutions BISOL as well as with practical examples. At end of training the participants gained the title BISOL Group’s Level 1 certified installer.

According to experts, the Southeast European markets have excellent solar irradiation levels, offering great potential for installation of solar PV power plants. However in many cases unstable public finances and bureaucracy present a barrier to the growth of the market. Member of the Board of BISOL Group Dag Kralj says: “Photovoltaics is becoming more accessible, not only because of subsidies but also due to the fact that in many countries in the world electricity from solar power plants is already cheaper than conventional energy sources. Many South-Eastern European countries are in the processes of joining the European Union and in many ways adopt different support schemes for renewables. These markets may therefore be one of the niche opportunities.” BISOL Group is intending to execute business plans in all the markets of the former Yugoslavia by the end of this year.

The company’s activities and sales in these markets are increasing as BISOL Group as well as offering premium quality solar solutions, also carries out procurement and construction for large-scale solar power plants. In the last phase is the solar system BISOL in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and several other projects.

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