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Film “Greedy Lying Bastards” Exposes the Insidious Domination of the Fossil Fuel Industry

Film “Greedy Lying Bastards” Exposes the Insidious Domination of the Fossil Fuel Industry“Greedy Lying Bastards” is a new feature length documentary, scheduled to be released in 2012, investigating the role the oil industry plays the world over  in all facets of people’s lives  from politics and economics to the environment.

Filmmaker Craig Rosebraugh traveled the globe including Tuvalu, Peru, England, Uganda,Kenya, Belgium, Denmark , Germany and the U.S., to expose the industry’s  practices of exerting their considerable influence and power to the benefit of themselves with no regard for the human or environmental impacts.

The film includes interviews with scientists, industry experts, international political delegates, climate change victims as well as deniers, and people affected by the practices of the fossil fuel industry. Among them: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon; Rep. Henry Waxman; former EPA head Christine Todd Whitman; leading climate science skeptics Myron Ebell, Christopher Lord Monckton, and Jay Lehr; Ken Wiwa, the son of the slain Nigerian environmentalist; farmers in Peru and Uganda; and Mike Robichaux, one of the few doctors willing to treat Gulf residents sick with chemical poisoning from the BP spill, Republican Presidential candidates, Texas governor Rick Perry and Minnesota representative Michele Bachman, as well as other prominent politicians like Senator James Inhofe, from oil-rich Oklahoma.

“This film is an investigation into an industry that is simply out of control,” Rosebraugh contends. “The fossil fuel industry has shown that it will stop at nothing to maximize profits for shareholders, whether it’s cutting corners on safety, employing highly paid lobbyists to impact the political process, giving huge amounts to climate change deniers to ensure that no legislation is passed that would impact the bottom line, or complicity in the murder of individuals who speak up against environmental degradation.”

Rosebraugh should be commended for allowing oil industry supporters to have their say in the film, proving this to be a “true” documentary.  Ultimately, this balanced approach should give validity to what I am sure will be shocking revelations in the film.  We will keep you updated on when and where the film will be showing, until then here is the trailer:

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