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Expanded Range for Heat to Power Patented Technology

Expanded Range for Heat to Power Patented TechnologySeries 4000 Machine Generates 30-65kW of Clean Energy

Reno, Nevada. – ElectraTherm, a leader in small-scale heat-to-power generation, announced today that it has expanded the range of power output of its Series 4000 Green Machine generators by 15kW, now offering customers between 30-65kW of fuel-free, emission-free power from waste heat. The increased output stems from more than a year of internal product development and testing while monitoring existing fleet performance and operability.

ElectraTherm’s patented technology captures low-grade waste heat using the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) to generate clean energy. The Series 4000 Green Machine is more robust, easier to maintain, carries a NEMA 3R outdoor rating and incorporates fully automated controls with remote access capabilities via internet connection. The range of power, 30-65kW, can be generated from various low to mid-temperature heat sources (190-240°F / 88-116°C) from reciprocating engines, biomass boilers, geothermal, solar thermal and industrial processes.

ElectraTherm’s R&D efforts, combined with a proven fleet of machines already in the field, have exceeded 14,000 hours runtime. ElectraTherm operates 12 Green Machines internationally with eight machines scheduled to ship in the next quarter.

“ElectraTherm crossed over from R&D to full-scale commercialization by running our Green Machine tirelessly through varied testing parameters on our test cell,” said John Fox, Chief Executive Officer of ElectraTherm. “The results speak for themselves: the Series 4000 is more robust, with a greater power output range and a growing backlog.”

US President Barack Obama previewed ElectraTherm’s Series 4000 Green Machine on April 21, 2011 when the President hosted a town hall meeting at ElectraTherm for more than 400 guests, including key legislators and clean energy advocates. President Obama touted energy from waste heat as a valuable resource for lowering our dependence on fossil fuels.

“When you’re talking about waste heat, every business, every industry, is generating some sort of energy byproduct, some sort of heat; it’s going up in smoke stacks and nobody is using it,” said President Obama. “And the question is, can we capture that energy and use it in a smart way? That’s what ElectraTherm is all about.”

ElectraTherm’s Series 4000 Green Machine will be on display at Power Gen Europe in the Renewable Energy Section, booth number R38C. The event takes place June 7-9, 2011 in Milan, Italy.

About ElectraTherm, Inc.

ElectraTherm, Inc. is a renewable energy company headquartered in Reno, Nevada. ElectraTherm’s product, the Green Machine, generates fuel-free, emission-free power from low to mid-temperature waste heat using the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and patented technology. Our machines are modular, robust power generators with an attractive payback. For more information on ElectraTherm and its clean energy products, please visit

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