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Vote on the Best Clean Energy Commercials

The Renewable Future contest encourages production of clean energy TV commercials.Vote on the Best Clean Energy Commercials

Benefits of renewable energy include economic growth, jobs and lower energy costs. Consistently, ninety percent of Americans say they support increased solar and wind production.

The television commercials will present a bright future for American energy production with stunning visuals of wind turbines spinning in front of mountain sunrises and solar panels adorning neighborhoods, The contest is hosted by the Renewable Energy Initiative (TREI), a national educational organization. TREI’s mission is to create a strong economy and healthy environment through increased investment, production and use of clean energy. Prizes include tours of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, in Golden, Colorado, and test rides in the Tesla Roadster- an all electric super car.

Entries are expected from the top film and environmental schools across the county including University of Southern California (USC) and University of Colorado, Boulder (CU).

Renewable energy is big business,” explains Ken Beitel, TREI advisory board chair. “In 2010, solar and wind companies in America employed more than 178,000 people and global clean energy investment hit a record $243 billion. Employment in the US solar industry is forecast to grow by 26% in 2011 with the creation of 24,000 new jobs.

Electric cars, powered by renewable energy, operate at a cost of $1 per gallon equivalent. Increasingly popular all electric vehicles are expected to be a theme in many production entries. Faster than a Porsche, the Tesla Roadster can travel 250 miles on a charge and do 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds. Electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf also allow commuters with solar carports or panels on their homes to commute for free.

In April, the “Renewable Future” competition will heat up when the public has the opportunity to view and vote on the best Clean Energy TV commercials via YouTube and Facebook. The “People’s Choice Award” will be presented at the Clean Energy Economy Gala being held in Denver, Colorado on Saturday evening, May 7, 2011. The winning commercials are expected to air on national news segments.

With a dramatic “open the envelope please” other prizes presented at the awards gala will include “Bests” in the following categories: Picture, Director, Cinematographer, Actor, Actress, Music Score, Funniest and Renewable Energy 401(k). The Renewable Energy 401(k) commercial prize will be won by an entry that forwards TREI’s goal of increasing renewable energy investment by tapping the $7 trillion in 401(k) and IRA plans. By having every 401(k) and IRA in the country offer a clean energy choice, TREI aims to generate $350 billion in new renewable energy production over four years.

The May 7 awards gala will be co-hosted by TREI’s partners, including the American Solar Energy Society (, the CleanTech Open (, and Lemnis Lighting ( Contest registration and tickets for the Clean Energy Economy Gala are available at


Andrew Cepada, Media Director

The Renewable Energy Initiative (TREI)

Ph: 720 216-7617

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