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U.S. Consumers Given a Solar Hot Water Alternative to Gas or Electric

U.S. Consumers Given a Solar Hot Water Alternative to Gas or ElectricThe cleantech startup company Sunnovations Inc. (McLean, Virginia), this month announced the commercial availability of its “breakthrough” solar hot water system for American homes. Solar hot water, a clean and free power source, is believed to be an incredibly underexploited technology in the United States, despite the fact that homeowners could save up to 75 % on their water heating bill and remediate several tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year, while having the same usage experience as a regular water heating system. Sunnovations reports that it is able to remove many of the real and perceived barriers to go solar for homeowners. The company’s passive “geyser-pump” system is said to allow for maintenance-free operation suitable for all climate zones.

Cost effective, easy-to-install solar hot water systems to help reduce both power usage and greenhouse gas emissions

Hot water production is both the second largest user of power and source of greenhouse gas emissions in American homes, according to the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) “Buildings Energy Data Book”. In a given year, between 7 and 8 million replacement water heaters are sold in the US. Sunnovations believes that switching even a small percentage of these to solar will have a substantial positive environmental impact. “The time has finally arrived for solar hot water in the US”, said Sunnovations Founder and President Arnoud van Houten. “Our patent-pending system does away with the electromechanical equipment that is required in other systems, resulting in a far more cost effective, easier to install and reliable solar hot water system.”

New, maintenance-free solar water heating technology available for mid-Atlantic US residences

Matt Carlson, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sunnovations, said that the cost saving and environmental remediation opportunity that solar hot water represents has been sorely underappreciated in the US. “Sunnovations has set out to change that by bringing clarity to the cost-saving and environmental benefits to the homeowner as well as standardization and simplicity to the technology behind solar hot water systems,” Carlson said. “Through our extensive field trials we have been incredibly gratified by the positive response of the solar professional installer community.” Sunnovations reports that the company’s system is available exclusively through leading residential alternative energy installers in the mid-Atlantic region, including Pennsylvania, Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia and North Carolina.

2010-06-20 Courtesy: Sunnovations Inc. © Heindl Server GmbH

Picture Courtesy: Sunnovations Inc

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