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Solar Hot Water Heating Manufacturer moving green jobs from China to Nevada

Solar Hot Water Heating Manufacturer moving green jobs from China to NevadaTrendSetter(R) Solar Products, Inc. (Pink Sheets: TSSP) today announced the Company’s intention to move its sourcing of thermal solar panel from China to the U.S.

Norman Ehrlich, Trendsetter’s Founder, Chairman and CEO, said, “We are planning to establish manufacturing of solar thermal collectors, together with the manufacture of its proprietary Piggyback residential solar water heaters, in a strategic alliance with a major production facility. We plan to establish the manufacturing in northern Nevada with an established, major production company.

“We believe homeowners and businesses such as hotels, apartments, restaurants and food processors will soon take advantage of the federal and state incentives. We can expect energy projects to be one of the leading indicators of an economic recovery.”

Mr. Ehrlich went on to say, “Our commercial tank orders have seen an increase, with near a $1 million of proposals on hand, as projects complete the design states and enter the construction phase.”

About TrendSetter Solar Products TrendSetter Solar Products, Inc. is a quality manufacturer of solar hot water heating and storage systems in the United States. TrendSetter’s solar hot water systems and storage tanks are uniquely positioned to serve the residential and commercial market. The Company offers a comprehensive range of solar water heating solutions, including solar radiant floor heating options, which are rated and qualify for the new federal energy tax credit program. A standard residential hot water heater emits approximately one and a half tons of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere annually. TrendSetter’s solar hot water heating and storage systems are emissions free. As global warming and alternate and renewable energies become more of a concern, TrendSetter’s products are one of the answers. Additional information can be seen at the Company’s website

SOURCE: TrendSetter Solar Products, Inc.

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