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Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic Power Project in Chile

Conejo Solar Photovoltaic Power Project in Chile Secures 22-year PPA

Solar is a terrific complement to our current wind activities and we will continue to grow in this market. We have been analyzing solar in Chile for some time and we view this area of the Atacama Desert as one of the best sites in the country with high radiation, which is very efficient due to the area’s low temperatures

Utility-scale solar

Strata Completes Nine New Utility-Scale Solar Projects across North Carolina

 Strata Solar, a leading utility-scale solar provider, announced today it has installed nine utility-scale solar projects across North Carolina using more than $100mm of tax-equity financing provided by a subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC). North Carolina utility Progress Energy Carolinas will purchase the power. The projects produce enough electricity to power 5,000 households and displace 28,000 metric tons

Fuel Cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Mobile Lighting Systems Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells Ready for Commercialization?

Hydrogen Fuel Cells ( Solar Thermal Magazine) LIVERMORE, California. — Mobile lighting systems powered by hydrogen fuel cells are cleaner, quieter and now have a proven track record in applications such as nighttime construction, sports and entertainment events and airport operations, making them ready for commercialization and broader use.

Wind Energy

Solar Thermal Energy

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Electric Vehicles


New Electric Motorcycles Travel Up to 185 miles in the City and 100 miles on the Highway

Electric Motorcycles  ( Solar Thermal Magazine) SANTA CRUZ, Calif., (Sept. 30, 2014) – Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, today announced its 2015 model line with premium new standard equipment including Showa suspension, Bosch anti-lock brake systems and Pirelli tires. The refinements are designed to transform the already exhilarating ride experience

Energy Storage

Breakthrough Supercapacitor Technology

BioSolar Files International Patent for Breakthrough Supercapacitor Technology

Conventional batteries store electricity by changing the chemistry of their internal chemical compounds. During discharge, the chemistry is reversed and electrons leave the battery to power an attached load. The chemical reactions that convert electrical energy to and from chemical energy take time. Therefore they are slower to charge and discharge.