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Sharp Introduces SmartStorage Energy Management Solution

Previously, there was no good solution for buildings with either crowded roofs or high demand charges. We have reviewed a number of other emerging storage offers and believe that SmartStorage, backed by Sharp’s world-class combination of technology, reliability and service track record, is the best product in the market.

Solar PV

Utility-scale solar

Strata Completes Nine New Utility-Scale Solar Projects across North Carolina

 Strata Solar, a leading utility-scale solar provider, announced today it has installed nine utility-scale solar projects across North Carolina using more than $100mm of tax-equity financing provided by a subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC). North Carolina utility Progress Energy Carolinas will purchase the power. The projects produce enough electricity to power 5,000 households and displace 28,000 metric tons

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Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System Maker, Bloom Energy Adds to Board Of Directors

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – Growing need for clean, reliable, resilient and affordable energy and surging demand for distributed energy generation influential in decision to join Bloom Energy Board of Directors. SUNNYVALE, California— Bloom Energy Corporation, the market leading provider of solid oxide fuel cells for power generation, welcomes

Lithium Ion Energy Storage System

New Plug And Play Lithium Ion Energy Storage System for Solar Energy Storage

JuiceBox Energy introduces its plug and play battery storage and energy management system for solar energy storage. The system features an advanced 8.6kWh lithium-ion energy storage system for residential and commercial renewable energy installations and a system controller that enables peak shifting, electricity demand charge reduction and back-up power for grid independence.

Pumped storage Hydro

Hawaii Power Company Issues a Pumped-Storage Hydro Request for Qualifications

Pumped-storage hydro on Parker Ranch lands has the potential to provide up to five hours of firm, dispatchable power, which would enable load shifting and increase renewable penetration significantly. Wind and solar energy, that would otherwise be curtailed, would pump water to an upper reservoir. Releasing this water during the evening would generate power to meet the evening peak loads, which would further reduce or eliminate the need to run expensive oil-fired fossil generators during peak demand.