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Solar PV

Solar Thermal Energy

Concentrated Solar Thermal Power ( CSP ) Technology

Concentrated Solar Thermal Power ( CSP ) Technology Explained. The Basics

The are several different types of concentrated solar thermal technologies and ways to apply them. This video from the U.S. department of energy outlines the basics of concentrating solar power ( CSP ) technology as it stands today. The most common forms of CSP include something as simple as solar tubes in a solar hot water system for home or industry, to parabolic solar trough, solar dishes that track the sun and solar towers with hundreds of computer controlled mirrors.

Energy Storage

Solar Research

Evacuated Solar Tube Collector

Thermal performance and Parameter Analysis of a U-pipe Evacuated Solar Tube Collector

The dependence of the thermal efficiency on meteorological conditions and important tube design parameters, including tube size, thermal characteristics (flow rate, heat loss coefficient, absorption coefficient of the selective absorbing coating), was investigated. In particular, the adaptation of collector thermal parameters to meteorological conditions was analyzed.

Residential Solar

Solar Energy System

Balance-of-Systems Drives Solar Energy System Prices Down by 30% by 2020

Solar Energy System Prices-  ( Solar Thermal Magazine ).- Racking and mounting cost reductions and electrical innovations will cut balance-of-system costs, with biggest drops in the residential segment, Lux Research says Falling module prices have helped to bring down the cost of solar installations, but now balance of system (BOS) components like racking and mounting are

Solar Investment

Nagasaki Airport's Megasolar PV Power Plant

Nagasaki Airport’s Megasolar PV Power Plant – Japan Goes Solar in a Big Way

Nagasaki Airport’s Megasolar PV Power Plant – ( www.SolarThermalMagazine.com ) – Solar Frontier and Chopro Agree 29 MW Megasolar Project with Nagasaki Government to build and operate Prefecture’s largest megasolar power plant at Nagasaki Airport Tokyo-April 2014 -Solar Frontier and Chopro announced recently that they have signed a letter of agreement with the Nagasaki Prefectural Government


Alternative fuels

Fuel Cells

lithium sulfur batteries

Lithium Sulfur Batteries a Step Closer for UK Forces

The next generation battery technology company, OXIS Energy Ltd, has delivered the third phase of a research programme to improve its Lithium Sulfur cells for Lincad Ltd and the UK MOD. The project is part of a wider Dstl (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) research programme. In Phase 3 OXIS has developed an advanced prototype


Offshore Renewable Energy

Gathering spot for those Interested in the Effects of Offshore Renewable Energy

Offshore Renewable Energy – SEATTLE, Washington ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – Wondering what the impact on killer whales might be from a turbine installed under the sea? Curious whether crabs and other crustaceans might be attracted to underwater cables carrying electricity to homes and businesses on the mainland? Interested in which country is harvesting the

Wave Energy