Who Will Mourne The Modern Combustion Engine?

Who Will Mourn The Modern Combustion Engine?
Who Will Mourn The Modern Combustion Engine?

The Modern Combustion Engine Has Seen It’s Finest Hour.

Maybe you remember General Motors attempt back in the 1990’s to create a market for a 100% electric car. They did a pretty good job of it with a sleek modern design and great performance. However what happened next is still not completely understood.

Somewhere along the line GM’s electric car became to much of a threat to the oil industry and other combustion engine technology companies that GM decided to kill the model. The didn’t just kill it, they bought them all back and destroyed them.

In this video entitle “The Revenge of the Electric Car” , one man’s personal commitment to never buy a combustion engine car leads to a deep investigation of electric vehicles and the future for personal transportation.

In the first few minute the author admits that today’s car designs are very attractive and worthy of praise. However they all share one fatal flaw. They are powered by fossil fuels, and fossil fuels is killing our planet for all of us.

In the not too distant future this video and original documentary ” who killed the electric car ” will serve as a history lesson. Coming generations will ask what in the world we were thinking choosing gasoline cars over electric. We may not see it now, but consider that the modern combustion engine has had over 100 years of development. Electric vehicle technology is just starting to come of age.

Take a look. The video is very well done and has some compelling content. Leave us some comments for readers to argue about. We read them all.

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