Which Solar Energy Companies Lead With Solar Panel Efficiency?

Solar energy companies want to have the most efficient panel

Solar energy companies want to have the most efficient panel

Solar Energy Companies that lead with high efficiency cells – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Solar power technology has come a long way. Solar cells were first made over a century ago. The first solar cell was had a measly 1% efficiency level. The solar cell was made in 1883 by Charles Fritts. Considering that some solar cell technologies available today are proudly over 40% efficient, solar technology is no longer a fascinating concept that belongs in the confines of advancedresearch labs, but rather a technology that is forcing the world to seriously rethink its energy sources. For practical reasons, we are only going to look at solar panels that are being used in normal settings.

Top 5 Global Solar PV Manufacturers With Regard To Efficiency 

1. SunPower

SunPower regularly pops up when the most efficient solar panels are mentioned. The company has several solar panels with over 21% efficiency. Basically, in this industry, this is tier 1 solar panel efficiency, which is the highest efficiency rating given to over half a dozen solars from SunPower. The most efficient solar panel from the company is 21.57% efficient, the X21-345 model built using monocrystalline technology.


2. Ja Solar Holdings Company Limited

The company is based in Shanghai, China, and is one of the largest solar cell produce in the world. Ja Solar has a solar panel, model JAC M6PA-4, which is a monocrystalline solar panel that is 20.9% efficient, the best by the company.


3. SunEdison

SunEdison is a solar energy company headquartered in California. Formerly known as MEMC Electronic materials, the company is popular for manufacture of high-efficiency solar panels. The company’s solar panel model SE-F335BZC-3Y has an efficiency of 20.81%, and uses monocrystalline solar technology.

4. Sanyo Electric Company

Sanyo is a 1947 Japanese company that is involved in manufactured of electronics including high efficiency solar panels. The company has a monocrystalline solar panel, Sanyo’s model 327-320, which is 20.4% efficient.

5. Andalay Solar Inc. (www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbjoZyzgDSM)

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in San Jose, California, Andalay Solar is producing some of the most efficient solar PV systems in the world. The most efficient solar panel by this company is 19.58% efficient, the TW-250-1-AC2-D-B solar panel model.

Factors The Affect Solar Panel Efficiency

– The first important aspect that affects solar efficiency is panel orientation. Some orientations result in better conversion rates, while others result in poor efficiency levels.

– Temperature is usually also an issue, although not for all panels. While some panels do not have a problem with high temperatures, others will experience a dip in efficiency if it gets too hot.

– Your roof’s or your solar panel’s pitch can also affect its efficiency, which is why some commercial systems have solar tracking systems to follow the sun’s tilt and ensure consistently high efficiency levels.

The challenge for solar energy companies is too continue to lead in efficiency 

Solar panel efficiencies of 40% are certainly mind-blowing, but such solar systems are currently made for use in special situations such as in space equipment, where their extremely prohibitive costs are justifiable. If you are looking at a solar panel that you can use in a residential or commercial setting, then the best efficiency you can expect is around 20%. SunPower is responsible for a disproportionately large number of the most efficient solar panel models available in the market at the moment.











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    PV panel coupled with thermal heat recovery system can even yield more efficiency as research says, so why companies are not making air cooled base panels

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