What does ThermoMax have to Offer?

Solar Division Thermomax Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of equipment for efficient and economical conversion of solar radiation into thermal energy. Based in two locations in the United Kingdom, and a unit in Italy, Thermomax occupies over 10,000m² of purpose built factories on 10 acres (40,400m²) of land. The operation is complete with engineering and administration offices, manufacturing plants, development laboratory and testing facilities. Thermomax has a staff of professional, technical and production personnel with a high degree of dedication and competence. The evacuated -pipe is the result of extensive research, development and testing. These high performance, reliable and cost effective use advanced technology and new materials.

Thermomax’s manufacturing operations are geared to volume production and high quality assurance. The plants are well equipped with modern machinery and specialized tooling for efficient and reliable production. Thermomax’s engineering factory in northern Italy is involved in manufacturing some of the unique and sophisticated equipment needed for production purposes as well as specialized components. Electronic Division

An electronic division, established in 1990, produces microprocessor controllers for the solar heating systems as well as sophisticated controllers and data loggers for commercial refrigeration applications. The Market The market for Thermomax solar products is worldwide and is managed through a network of distributors, dealers and in-dependent agents. These firms provide application and installation assistance to users, architects, engineers and contractors.

Thermomax is currently sold to over 40 countries with Western Europe, Far East and the United States as its main markets. The number of Thermomax collector tubes in service throughout the world is now in the millions. Satisfied Thermomax users achieve considerable savings in their fuel cost as well as contributing towards a reduction in CO2 emissions. Installations in extreme climates such as Africa and the Antarctic clearly show the exceptional design characteristics of the Thermomax systems.

Thermomax solar collectors are used to produce clean energy for domestic and industrial hot water, space heating and cooling. Projects such as the solar water heating at Singapore Airport are the largest of their kind, confirming international acknowledgment and full confidence in the Company and its products. Assured and approved Quality Thermomax solar manufacturing plants are fully registered to the internationally recognized ISO Quality Management Systems; the Company has obtained ISO 9001 certificate.

Thermomax collectors are tested and certified by major independent testing authorities in Germany, Switzerland, United States, Great Britain and Australia. Thermomax has received 10 major awards, the first being a 1982 Technology Award received in Germany and two prestige Queen’s Awards for export achievement. The Design Council confirms the Thermomax collector to be an outstanding British Product and winner of a “Millennium Award”. Thermomax products and production techniques are protected throughout the world by several patents.

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