Waste Management Turns Landfill Sites Into Solar Farms (Video)

Waste Management Solar Farms
Berkley Landfill Solar Farm. Image courtesy of Waste Management.

A criticism of often heard from fossil fuel supporters is that valuable farm land is taken out of production and is instead covered in panels or wind turbines.  But waste disposal company, , has proven that can be built in locations that are not suitable for any other productive purpose.

The company has recently completed construction of three solar farms on closed landfill sites in Massachussetts.  Captona Partners developed the projects for them.

A 5 megawatt solar farm was was built on the Hudson/Stow landfill site which was closed in 1997. The landfill now contains 18,216 solar panels on over 28 acres of land.  The project generates enough energy to power 1,000 homes in the region.

A 2.5 megawatt solar farm was built on the MT Sullivan landfill site that has been closed since 1998.  The landfill now contains 7,938 solar panels on over 6 acres of land and generates enough energy to power 400 homes in the region.

The Berkley landfill site, which was closed in  1994, is now the host of 11,286 solar panels on over 18 acres of land.  The 3.6 megawatt capacity generates enough energy to power nearly 700 homes in the region.

A fourth landfill site in Massachussetts had previously been converted to producting by Citizens Energy Corporation.  Collectively, the four solar farms generate enough energy to power approximately 3,000 Massachusetts  homes.

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