Utah Skiers And Snow Boarders Opt For Residential Solar Power

Utah Skiers And Snow Boarders Opt For Residential Solar Power
Utah Skiers And Snow Boarders Opt For Residential Solar Power

Official Residential Solar Power Provider – For Ski Utah

Is it true that skiers and snowboarders care more about the environment and climate change than the rest of us?  Anyone that enjoys the outdoors and knows the impact that bad weather can have should also care about the environment not just snowboarders right?

Sure if climate change and warming temperatures means that the season that you can do your favorite outside activity is shortened or impacted the reality of climate change comes home. Really this means that people that live in the country or live on farms should be especially in-tune with the changing climate.

Ski Utah and Vivint Solar for Residential Solar Power

Ski Utah and Vivint Solar for Residential Solar Power

It is the city dwellers that should be oblivious to changing climate, except of course if you are in the path of a hurricane or tornado.

Well in Utah at least it is the skiers that seem to be lovers of renewable energy or at least solar energy if this latest news from Vivint solar is correct.

Vivint Solar, Inc, a leading full-service residential solar provider, recently announced a strategic collaboration to become the official residential solar provider for Ski Utah, the marketing arm of Utah’s 14 resorts. The collaboration underscores Vivint Solar and Ski Utah’s shared commitment to help consumers be good stewards of natural resources and embrace clean, renewable energy.

“We are thrilled to partner with Vivint Solar, a well respected community leader,” said Nathan Rafferty, CEO and president of Ski Utah.

As both companies encompass the core mission of environmental responsibility, it would be hard to find a better partner. We look forward to promoting Utah skiing while actively engaging in environmental stewardship.

As part of this collaboration, Ski Utah and Vivint Solar will offer incentives to Ski Utah subscribers for adopting rooftop solar during the 2017-2018 ski season.

“Solar adopters and ski and snowboard enthusiasts share a common appreciation for the outdoors,” said David Bywater, CEO of Vivint Solar.

We’re excited to join forces with Ski Utah to inspire more people to embrace clean, renewable energy and contribute to a better environment for our planet.

Source Vivint Solar

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