Uno-X Hydrogen to Build world’s first hydrogen refuelling station powered by surplus renewable energy

hydrogen refuelling station
NEL-ASA hydrogen refuelling station in Denmark

Uno-X Hydrogen AS, a NEL ASA (NEL) joint venture, announced today the decision to build a hydrogen refuelling station with on-site hydrogen production co-located with Powerhouse Kjørbo, an energy-positive office building in Sandvika, Norway.

“We are excited to build a hydrogen refuelling station at Powerhouse Kjørbo, enabling fuel cell electric vehicles to fill hydrogen produced locally by the energy-positive office building. This will be the world’s first hydrogen station with such an integrated solution, and represents an innovative example of the role hydrogen can play in grid balancing and utilization of renewable energy,” says Jon André Løkke, CEO of NEL.

Kjørbo is centrally located in Sandvika outside of Oslo, by two of the busiest roads in Norway with 80 000 cars passing daily. The project has a total budget of NOK 28.4 million (US $3.4 million), of which NOK 5.7 million (US $686 thousand) is support from the Akershus County Council and NOK 7.7 millions (US $926 thousand) from the Norwegian public enterprise, Enova, responsible for the promotion of environmentally friendly production and consumption of energy. Other project partners include consulting firm Asplan Viak and Bærum Municipality.

“Uno-X Hydrogen wishes to contribute to the green shift within the transport sector by providing renewable, zero-emission hydrogen fuel to our customers. This hydrogen refuelling station marks the start of our planned network of minimum 20 stations in Norway by 2020 and enabling all Norwegians to have the option to choose a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle as their next car,” says Roger Hertzenberg, CEO of Uno-X Hydrogen AS.

Powerhouse Kjørbo, which is owned by Entra ASA, uses solar panels that can supply upward of 200 000 kWh each year, twice the amount of the building’s annual energy consumption.

“The Powerhouse partners are developing Kjørbo office park into one of the most environmentally friendly real estate projects in Norway, operating as a net producer of renewable energy. We are pleased to welcome Uno-X Hydrogen on the site and look forward to providing a state-of-the-art hydrogen refuelling station to the next generation of low emission vehicles”, says Arve Regland, CEO of Entra ASA.


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