U.K. Solar Energy Developers Rush to Stay Ahead of Government Deadline

Renewable energy projects in the U
Solar energy projects in the U.K.

Solar Energy Developers ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

In the U.K., solar energy developers are rushing to complete new projects projects before the April deadline this year. This is when the government, under its Renewables Obligation program will end subsidies to solar powered generation projects of more than 5 megawatts .

After April all clean energy projects must compete with onshore wind farms for premium payments for their power as part of reforms to the energy market.

About the Renewables Obligation Program in the U.K.

The RO program places an obligation on licensed electricity suppliers ( utilities)  in the United Kingdom to source an increasing proportion of electricity from renewable sources.

The Renewables Obligation program in the U.K.,is designed to encourage generation of electricity from eligible renewable sources in the United Kingdom. It was introduced in England and Wales and in a different form in Scotland in April 2002 and in Northern Ireland in April 2005, replacing the Non-Fossil Fuel Obligation which operated from 1990.


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