A Two Wheel Electric Vehicle That You Can’t Tip Over

Two Wheel Electric Vehicle
All electric two wheel vehicle that you cannot tip over.

Two Wheel Electric Vehicle ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – Is this an or an electric motorcycle? What is in a name right? One thing is clear though this prototype  two wheel vehicle has some unique features such as dual opposite rotation gyroscopes. This technology that balances the well known Segway ensures that this vehicle cannot tip over if you forget you are driving on only two wheels. It is know as the C – 1 from Lit Motors.

The C – 1 will have a range of 220 miles on a single charge and be capable of a 120 mph top speed with an 8 kwatt battery.

The price for the all electric C – 1 targeted for the first production run is around $ 24,000. The unibody design shaped roughly like a helmet means you do not need to use a helmet.

Founder Danny Kim is quoted as saying:

Over the past few years, we’ve hand-built five prototypes, including a fullscale driving prototype. We’ve presented at many conferences and trade shows, including VERGE DC, EG6, Fortune Brainstorm Green, Maker Faire, the TTXGP,TechCrunch Disrupt SF (and Startup Battlefield, 2nd place), SXSW Eco, GigaOm,RoadMap, VERGE SF, Lean Startup Conference, and EG7.

We’re on track to begin production of the C-1 by the end of 2014.

To read more about Lit Motors and the C-1 click the link.

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