Two Major Advantages of Concentrated Solar PV with Tracking.

Concentrated solar PV

Concentrated solar PV (photovoltaic) ¬†technology when combined with sun tracking systems enjoys a very high level of conversion efficiency. Meaning that one of these devices properly installed does a better job of converting the sun’s energy into usable clean electricity that regular solar pv . Advantage number one.

Setting up a whole farm of these stand alone systems could produce much of the energy we need to power our cities and growing population of electric vehicles.


To get an idea of the scope of such an project and maybe compare it to what is required to build a nuclear reactor or coal fired generator we have found a time lapse video from Amonix Solar who are experts in concentrated solar pv systems.

Second Major Advantage :

You can add to such a solar farm very easily and you are producing power as soon as the first one is installed. It is a very modular, scalable clean energy technology.

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