Top 7 US States for Wind Power

Wind turbines cover the plains of Montana
Wind turbines cover the plains of Montana

US States for Wind Power – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

The US has the potential to dedicate a fifth of its land area to wind energy production. Basically, the country’s future with regard to wind energy is quite promising. The leading political clout is already fully behind plans to harness this massive wind energy potential using larger new-generation turbines that can be deployed in every state in the US.

While this sounds all good, and should get every green energy fanatic anywhere in the country excited, there are obviously candidates that make for better candidates when it comes to wind energy exploitation than others. If we look at wind power by state, here are the states that carry the greatest wind energy potential.

Top 7 US States For Wind Power Potential 

1. North Dakota

North Dakota contains a mind-blowing potential for wind power of about 1,210 billion kWh. Surprisingly, this represents just a small percentage of the wind power the US is capable of generating. This state currently generates over 10% of its electrical energy from wind.

Wind Energy in North Dakota

Wind Energy in North Dakota

2. Texas

Texas is another state that has the potential to power US given its massive wind energy potential. Texas has the potential to generate about 1,190 billion kWh of wind energy. At the moment, Texas is home quite a number of wind farms, and boasted of an installed capacity of 14,098 MW by the end of 2014, even as it was working on adding 7,500 more megawatts.

Wind energy in Texas may someday outpace oil

Wind energy in Texas may someday outpace oil

3. Kansas

Kansas comes in as a close third with regard to state-based wind potential in the US. The state can generate about 1,070 billion kWh in wind power. Kansas is already home to some of the most vibrant wind energy markets in the country, which makes its potential in the industry a great coincidence.

Wind energy in Kansas is big business

Wind energy in Kansas is big business

4. South Dakota

South Dakota has wind generation potential of 1,030 billion kWh. The current production capacity of 65.879 kW for wind energy in the US clearly pales in comparison to the potential that lies in this state alone. South Dakota currently generates about a quarter of its energy from wind energy.

5. Montana

The US state of Montana has the potential to generate about 1,020 billion kWh of wind energy, which is quite close to what South Dakota has to offer with regard to wind power potential. At the moment, wind power technology is growing fast in this state, and its massive potential means wind power has a great future in Montana.

6. Nebraska

Nebraska is capable of producing 868 billion kWh of electricity from wind energy. Although Nebraska currently generates a lot of its energy from coal and nuclear power, its wind power potential has the capacity to completely reverse this trend.

7. Wyoming

Wyoming can generate a humongous 747 billion kWh of electricity from its massive wind energy reserves. Wyoming’s high-altitude prairies and wide ridges makes it an ideal venue for wind power generation plants.

Can wind power US?

Definitely! Wind power in the US has the potential to become a major source of electricity for the country. Over three dozen states currently have wind power. The wide-scale use of this alternative form of energy has considerably lowered wind energy costs, sometimes by up to 90%. The seven states above, however, have the greatest wind power potential in the US.



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