Top 7 2015 Upcoming Renewable Energy Conferences in USA

Renewable energy conferences in the USA
Renewable energy conferences in the USA

Energy Conferences in USA – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Attending an industry seminar is one of the most prudent decisions that one can make. It is in such forums that one meets experts from both the academia and the industry. It is also a platform for knowledge sharing as well as brainstorming on various issues touching on a certain topic.

Renewable energy is an area that is attracting a lot of interest. As a response, various conferences have nbeen prepared concerning the utility of renewable energy. In this light, it is worth exploring seven of the upcoming conferences in USA, the venues, and the major topics of discussion.

7 Upcoming Renewable Energy Conferences-USA

The HydroVision International is a conference that will be held on June 14 to 17 in Portland, Oregon. It will be a platform where professionals in hydroelectric power can share their knowledge and learn from experts. The topics under discussion will include the following: asset management challenges, civil works and dam safety, and water resources.

The 12th Annual Renewable Energy Finance Conference will be held in New York City on June 24 & 25. Participants will include lenders, investors, bankers, and transactional professionals who have a role to play in the financing of renewable energy. The topics that will be under discussion include the following: the state of renewable energy capital markets, the debt in the renewable energy sector, and sources of capital for renewable energy.

The Illinois Renewable Energy Conference will be held in June 16, 2015, at Bone Student Ballroom. The conference will entail case studies, technical information, and policy, regarding the following types of renewable energy: solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and energy efficiency. The host hotel will be the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center. The conference will also illuminate the exploration of renewable energy within the national and international legal framework. The following are some of the topics that will be under discussion: wind on the wires, the use of microgrids in remote, industrial, and remote applications, technical presentation on the various types of renewable energy, and biofuels.

The Green Energy & Expo will be an international energy conference that will be held at Orlando, Florida, USA, from Sept 21 to 23. The main focus will be on natural resources and how they can be tapped to produce clean energy. Scientists from all over the world will have an opportunity where they can have a scientific interaction. It will involve collaborative research from both the energy industry as well as academia.

The Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo will take place in Las Vegas. It will be a two months event starting from 12/08/201`5 and ending in 12/10/2015. The following will be the topics under exploration: large-scale renewables, distributed generation, utility integration, renewables and the global market, and innovative energy partnerships.

The National Advanced Conference & Expo will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, between December 8 and 10. It will extensively cover the world of biofuels and bio-based chemicals. It will also be a perfect venue where there will be exchange of information about the latest technology and funding in the renewable energy world. The participants of the conference include the following: government agencies, industrial companies, project financiers, law firms, and Research and Development companies. It will also cover the technology that is required in order to optimally exploit the biofuels. Participants will be drawn from the financiers and manufacturers of biofuels and associated technology.

The Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition will be held in November 16 to 19, 2015, in Los Angeles, United States. The conference will feature more than a thousand participants with over two hundred presentations in a compact four day period. The topics to be covered include the following: explanation on fuel cell, explanation on hydrogen and its power potential, commercialization of fuel cell, fuel cell energy market, and energy stowage.

So many to chose from this year.

The value of attending a conference cannot be underestimated. It is a platform for learning and sharing. The renewable energy sector can benefit from increased use of conferences. It should be noted that conferences are designed to give you a plethora of usable content and a networking opportunity.

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