The Oldest Solar Thermal Energy Company in Barbados

Solar Dynamics in Barbados is the oldest solar thermal energy company in the region
Solar Dynamics in Barbados is the oldest solar thermal energy company in the region

Solar Thermal Energy Company in Barbados – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Solar Dynamics Barbados Ltd is one of the most established and leading manufacturer of solar hot water systems in Barbados and the greater Caribbean. It was founded in 1972 by James Husbands- the current Managing Director. The company claims that it has installed at least 30, 000 solar hot water systems for both residential and commercial applications not only in Barbados but also in the wider Caribbean region.

Solar Thermal energy in Barbados

Solar Thermal energy in Barbados


When Barbados got its independence from Britain, the country committed itself to the exploitation of solar energy. The company used that opportunity to build its reputation and consequently developed a solid asset base in the solar energy sector. The company has well run manufacturing facilities in Barbados and St. Lucia. In addition to that, it has distribution units in a number of countries including Guyana, Dominica, Grenada, and the Bahamas.



Solar Dynamics: Projects and Technology

The company uses two main types of technology. The natural convection system has the following characteristics: it does not have moving parts, production of hot water is through direct sunlight as well as diffused radiations, and production of hot water in different type of weather. The split circulation system makes use of a mechanical pump, may require an occasional boost, and can only utilize direct sunlight to tap solar energy. The company has comprehensive information on the two types of technologies in order to help the clients make an informed decision.

The company has undertaken key contracts in the installation of solar hot water systems both to the government housing projects and also the private sector. For example, it provided solar solutions to the National Housing Corporation of Barbados. This was a milestone in helping the government set the pace for the use of solar energy.
On December 2007, China and Caribbean countries were considering exploring joint venture opportunities in the area of solar technology. It was suggested that parties should pursue a pan-Caribbean manufacture of photovoltaic cells in Chinese companies after overcoming the language barriers to communication. It was agreed that Solar Dynamics will be one of the major players when that partnership comes to fruition.

In addition to solar hot water systems, the company offers resources that explore optimal use of solar energy. These include regular presentations, seminars, sand the conferences. It does not go alone in this. Rather, it does a collaboration with the government, the private sector, and the public in order to sensitize the public about the importance of using solar hot water systems and other solar energy solutions.

It is due to the positive contribution of Solar Dynamics to the Caribbean economy that Mr James Husbands was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of West Indies. The university had noted that the company had made great strides in preaching the solar energy gospel in the Caribbean.

The Future for Solar Thermal Energy Technology in the Barbados

The island country made the utility of solar energy its priority and development agenda. It turned out that it was one of the best decisions to make. This is because other countries realized the rich potential of solar energy and renewable energy far much later and through painful events. The founding and eventual development of Solar Dynamics has positioned Barbados as an established hub of solar energy.

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