The New Solar Energy Program at the American University in Cairo

New solar energy program at the American University at Cairo

New solar energy program at the American University at Cairo

New Solar Energy Program – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

The American University in Cairo has launched a new course in Solar Energy Specialization, which is set to be one of its kinds within the region. This new course will be offered by the Department of Physics at the University School of Sciences and Engineering.

Prospective students for this program can now apply and enjoy a course that will help them in meeting all their desires and dreams in solar energy production. It is a unique course within the region and this means since there are many untapped potentials in this special disciple within Egypt and other neighboring countries, the students will enjoy from ready jobs after their completions and graduation.

The course will emphasize the benefits of renewable energy and the use of solar energy to bring about developments in Africa and other developing countries. It is special course for students who are sharp and very ready to dedicate their time and energy in studying a quality course that will shape the future of the African continent.

Students can study solar energy as part of a new program

Students can study solar energy as part of a new program


Applying is much easier, you simply read more details about the university at and then apply for the course. For students living within Cairo, it is much easier since they can walk to the university’s Department of Physics and ask for application forms then follow simple instructions. It is a special course that will only require bright students who excelled well in their high school grades.

Qualified students need to have passed excellently with good grades in physics, mathematics and other sciences plus principal passes in languages. Since it covers on national and international trends, it’s important for prospective students to understand more on energy production. Applicants must be disciplined individuals who will showcase exemplary discipline in their study period. They should showcase a solid performance through studies so that they can later excel and graduate. It is a course for students with unquenchable desire to strengthen their skills and knowledge in the discipline of solar energy.

The university seeks to offer a conducive environment for the study of the solar energy program. It will act perfectly in expanding their knowledge and in shaping their skills as well as helping students become more educated. It is one of a kind course that will play a major role in shaping the skills of students who have passion and exhibit the desire of studying and understanding more about solar energy production. There is much to learn through this course that is seen as perfect course that will later bring about developments in Africa.

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