The Green Charge Networks Intelligent Energy Storage System Coupled with Electric Vehicle Charging

Fast charging the Kia Soul EV
Fast charging the Kia Soul EV

Intelligent Energy Storage System – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

The corporate world is starting to realize that clean energy and electric vehicles are here to stay and that consumers expect companies to contribute to the sustainability of the planet and country that they live in. This is especially true in the state of California and there is no better time to make a green announcement than right before Earth Day.

Celebrating Earth Month, Shore Hotel in Santa Monica, California today officially unveiled its Green Charge Networks intelligent energy storage system coupled with electric vehicle charging.

The Shore Hotel is a leader in sustainability among Santa Monica’s luxury hotels and the only newly-built LEED- Gold certified hotel in the city. Shore Hotel is the first hotel in the United States to install an energy storage system coupled with fast DC EV charging, and the intelligent energy storage system, which is expected to save 50 percent in demand charges. The unveiling ceremony included a live demonstration featuring the new Kia Soul EV, a fast charging station and Green Charge’s intelligent energy storage.

Stephen Kosowski, Kia Motors America Manager, Long Range Planning and Strategy, Kia Motors America Commented:

Kia Motors is proud to shine the spotlight on Shore Hotel today as they continue to add innovation and promote clean transportation by coupling energy storage with EV charging.

Intelligent Energy Storage in Santa Monica

Every time an EV is plugged in to a charging station, the electricity demand for a building spikes, which can leave businesses with high demand charges at the end of the month. Demand charges are part of every commercial electricity bill and are determined by the highest 15 minutes of use during a billing cycle. Even one sudden spike in energy usage can send monthly electric bills skyrocketing. Energy storage empowers businesses to better control their energy use and reduce their monthly electric costs.

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