The Concentrated Photovoltaics Industry Report for 2010

The Concentrated Photovoltaics Industry Report 2010

Deliver a profitable CPV business – get the latest data and analysis that will enable you to make your CPV projects a commercial success. Now you can do so with minimal time and expense thanks to our latest industry leading report.

In-depth information providing you with…

* Current cost of CPV and what this means for the industry – including CPV Cost Breakdown per component: Cells, Optics, Module other, Trackers, BOS

* Independent assessment of where the CPV industry stands right now and where it’s heading in the near future – 5 year deployment forecast

* Which CPV manufacturers are ahead of the pack in terms of installed capacity and technology

More info…

Gain access to…

* The hottest growth opportunities and plan your strategy accordingly

* Which companies have invested in CPV and how much they have committed to the industry

* Growth prospects of this industry and what this means for both module manufacturers and component providers

And much more…

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