The Coming Energy Storage Revolution – Do Not Be Afraid!

The Coming Energy Storage Revolution - Do Not Be Afraid!
The Coming Energy Storage Revolution - Do Not Be Afraid!

A Much Needed Energy Storage Revolution.

How many of us have experienced the anxiety of of a low cell phone, tablet of laptop battery right when you do not have easy access to a power outlet? This is a relatively new fear for the human race, one that 3o years ago we would not have even understood.

Over the last one hundred years of technology development there have been several inventions which at the time seem important but gave no hint at how game changing they really where. Imagine if the Wright brothers after their first short flight realized immediatly that just 60 years later we would land men on the moon!

What if the Wright brothers new what 60 years would bring

What if the Wright brothers new what 60 years would bring

The same can be said for Edison and the invention of the light bulb.

At Argonne National Laboratory a team of researchers led by Jeff Chamberlain, are working on a game changing technology. This technology will fuel a revolution for society that we have no way of knowing where it will lead.

This revolution that the team is working on is the perfect lithium ion battery. Using one of the fastest supercomputers on the earth, the Argonne team is calculating how new man made materials will react to the lithium ion transport. New materials that are created through manipulation at the atomic level.



Success of this program will lead to lithium ion batteries that are 5 times cheaper and store energy 5 times longer than what we have today. We know this will enable electric vehicles to replace combustion engine designs and portable electronics last as long as we need. It will enable energy storage of electricity generated from renewable sources possible even sources that have on our homes.

Where will it go from there?

Jeff Chamberlain leads Argonne National Laboratory’s Energy Storage Initiative, which drives innovations in advanced batteries for vehicle and grid applications. Prior to his position in JCESR, he served as the head of Argonne’s Electrochemical Energy Storage Department for three years, during a period of growth in both government and market interest in developing new energy storage technologies. During that time, he also contributed to the management of Argonne’s Li-air battery development initiative.

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