Tesla Model S Manufacturing Plant In Action

Tesla Model S Manufacturing Plant In Action
Tesla Model S Manufacturing Plant In Action

The Secrets Behind Tesla Model S Manufacturing .

Tesla Motors has made a huge impact to the global automotive world with the introduction of multiple all electric vehicles. This silicon valley startup supprised many in the automotive manufacturing industry with their rather radical ideas for vehicle design.

The Tesla Model S for example is the fastest production car ever made! This will not be the case for very much longer however since all of the big car makers are reveloping their own electric drive systems. The Model S is manufactured in pretty much the same way as any other high volume car from Ford, or General Motors. The equipment and processes are absolutelty the same. Each car maker, buys steel, bends it welds and rivets it and cleans and paints it.

All car makers assembly the vehicles using an ever increasing amount of automation at higher and higher speeds. This video gives you an overview of the Model S manufacturing process. The real advantage of Tesla Motors is not way they make the cars, but the all electric design. As an all electric design the Model has only 17 moving parts compared to the over 2000 moving parts in a combustion engine car!

Tesla Model S Manufacturing Is So Much Simpler.

This reduction in complexity allows the cars to be assembled using much less labor and materials. It also means that there is so much less to go wrong. Maintenance of an electric car is a fraction of the cost of internal combustion engine vehicles.

Take a look and see how the Tesla Model S manfacturing works.

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