The Tesla Effect: SolarCity’s Stock Price Mostly Unchanged After Weak Earnings Report

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In June of this year, Motors offered to buy in an all-stock transaction, for a price of 0.122 to 0.133 shares of Tesla stock for each share of stock. Given Tesla’s share price at the time of the announcement,  that worked out to about $26 to $29 per share of .  This represents a premium over the current price, but a hard pill to swallow for those investors who bought stock for as much as $40 per share in January of this year.

SolarCity reported their Second Quarter 2016 financial results yesterday, and despite a 0 million loss and a previous sales target cut, their stock price remained mostly unchanged in the .25 – .31 range.’s Liam Denning believes this is due to the impending merger with Tesla, as he wrote yesterday:

Tesla’s earnings hardly matter anymore — it’s all about the vision. Now that SolarCity’s stock is a function of Tesla’s, the solar leasing company’s numbers don’t matter anymore, either.

That herculean target for deploying panels in the fourth quarter, for example, will start to fade in the collective mind once SolarCity becomes a subsidiary of Tesla — which is scheduled to happen later this year. Ditto for SolarCity’s objective of positioning itself “to report one of the lowest Cost per Watt in our history in the fourth quarter of 2016,” given it likely won’t make that report as a separate company. For SolarCity’s shareholders, who will likely soon own Tesla stock, their former company will be but one small part of Elon Musk’s much broader ambition.

And Elon Musk hinted during the earnings conference call yesterday that SolarCity would be launching a new solar roof product, saying that “It’s not a thing on the roof, it’s the roof” and that it will be part of a differentiated product strategy for the solar company.

One thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment where Elon Musk is involved.



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