Tesla Dual Motor Electric Drive Technology

Tesla Dual Motor Electric Drive Technology
Tesla Dual Motor Electric Drive Technology

The Next Generation Of Electric Drive Technology Arrives!

One of the unexpected benefits of an electric vehicle is how amazingly fast the acceleration is! Electric drive systems benefit from being able to release unlimited torque when you needed which is a huge improvement over every combustion engine drive system ever made.

Even the modern combustion engine super car or Formula One car is humbled by a pure electric drive.

So what is better than one electric motor when it comes to electric vehicle performance? How about multiple electric motors working in unison to propel the clean powered vehicle to even greater rates of acceleration and top speeds.

This is the way the Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk must view the world because the latest designs from his engineers are dual motor and super fast.  It will soon be obvious that there no reasons to stay with the modern combustion engine.

The other advantage of electric drive systems is that allow you to gain total control over the drive train which is exactly what you need to make a driverless car. By adding artificial intelligence to an array of sensors to an electric vehicle the need for a driver is quickly disappearing.

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