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One of the top solar companies in the world, St.Louis based SunEdison builds solar projects like this

One of the top solar companies in the world, St.Louis based SunEdison builds solar projects like this

Spotlight on Solar Companies – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

SunEdison is a public solar energy company that has its headquarters in St. Peters, Missouri, and Belmont, California. It offers its services worldwide. The president and CEO of the company is Ahmad Chatila. It offers the following services:

-The development, construction, and operation of solar power plants.
-Manufacture of high purity silicon.
-Manufacture of silicon wafers.

The history of the company emanates from 1959 with the formation of Monsanto Electronic Materials Company (MEMC). The company entered the solar market industry in 2006. This was through a long term agreement to supply Suntech Power (China) and Gintech Energy (Taiwan) with solar-grade silicon wafers. It secured other contracts of that nature from both within United States and other countries. In 2009, MEMC acquired SunEdison LLC- a privately owned company. The company decided to use the business name SunEdison as a reflection of its strong focus on solar energy.

Sunedison is one of the leading solar companies in the world

Sunedison is one of the leading solar companies in the world

SunEdison Top 5 Projects

In December 2007, SunEdison completed the Alamosa photovoltaic power plant. The solar energy facility is a 8.22 MWp photovoltaic power plant that is located in San Luis Valley, Colorado, USA. The solar facility sells all its output to Xcel Energy. The solar power plant occupies 34 ha of land and has the ability to provide sufficient power to 1400 homes. Despite its achievements, the company is not immune to criticism. For example, critics have pointed out that the amount of solar energy generated by the Alamosa power plant is less compared to the land that the solar power plant occupies.

SunEdison Alamosa solar photovoltaic power plant

SunEdison Alamosa solar photovoltaic power plant

In January 2015, it was reported that SunEdison would install 250 MW off-grid solar power projects in rural India. The initiative was a multi-pronged approach for the purpose of extending its footprint in the Indian solar energy market. The utility-scale power projects will come in handy in creating sustainability in a country that has a high population and ambitious economic projects. It should be noted that the Indian government has a medium-target to supply electricity to all Indian homes. Another business opportunity in India is that the rural villages are largely without a reliable source of power and SunEdison is not hesitating to invest in provision of solar energy to the rural populations.

In April 2015, SunEdison announced the groundbreaking of the Seven Sisters solar project in Southern Utah. Four of the solar energy projects are located in Beaver county while three are in Iron County, Utah. The company released a statement that said that the projects will be a source of economic and environmental benefit to the people of Utah. By extension, the projects will be a source of construction jobs as well as tax opportunities.

In May 2015, the company announced a 20-year power purchase agreement where it would install 33 MW rooftop solar projects across 17 buildings in Southern California. The counties that will benefit include Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino counties. The opportunity will position the company as a major solar energy player in Southern California.

Still in May 20115, the company was awarded a contract by the South African government to supply solar energy in the country. Enrique Collado, SunEdison’s general manager, in a statement said that solar energy can be brought online more quickly than the conventional power plants and can therefore relieve South Africa of its strained electricity grid.

One of the leading Solar Companies – SunEdison

In the 2014, SunEdison was the best performing US solar energy developer according to the Bloomberg Intelligence Global Solar Energy Index. If those statistics are anything to go by, The future of SunEdison company is optimistic and full of opportunities. The fact that the world is going green coupled with the company’s outstanding reputation in the solar energy sector will mean that the company will be in a position to command a formidable share of the solar energy market.

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