Some Swedish Wind Power Producers Do Not Support a Separate New System for Offshore Wind Power

Swedish Wind Power comapny Arise AB
Arise AB wind tower.

A group of companies and landowners believe a separate new support system for offshore wind power is an expensive as well as unnecessary way to increase the share of renewable energy in . They believe the same benefits can easily be achieved through onshore wind power.

The case they present to support their view is as follows: that with a strong electricity grid, a sparsely populated country and good wind resources, Sweden has every opportunity to increase the expansion of onshore wind power. The same investment at sea would increase the bill by hundreds of billions of kronor – a cost which would ultimately be borne by Sweden’s electricity customers. Their opinion is that this entirely without need.

“A  transition to a non-fossil fuel economy is of course desirable. They believe that  the fastest and most cost-effective road for this transition to take is to continue to invest in Swedish onshore wind power” said Arise AB. They are lobbying for Swedish policymakers to quickly decide on how to revise of the current support system for renewable energy, known as the electricity certificate system, and also decide to raise the level of ambition for the continued roll-out of cost-effective, non-fossil fuel electricity.

Offshore wind energy developers such as Vattenfall, Eon and WPD have been pushing for dedicated resources to spur investment in offshore projects.

Arise AB onshore wind project:

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