Solarposts to be Installed at Portavadie Marina in Scotland

Solarpost. Image courtesy of onthecase.

announced that Solarposts are to be installed later this autumn at Portavadie Marina on Loch Fyne in Argyll in Scotland. The contract is part of the continuing development of this award winning marina and were specified by Stewart Associates, architects and development consultants based in Largs, Ayrshire.

The solar powered Solarposts will provide lighting along quaysides where no electricity power supply is available. A further advantage of Solarposts has been the low installation costs.


Solarposts, solar powered lighting posts, have been successfully trialled at Portavadie Marina in Scotland and are due to be installed later this autumn. Image courtesy of onthecase.

A Solarpost has been on trial at Portavadie throughout last winter to ensure the product could deal with both the climate and with Portavadie’s latitude. Neither proved a problem.

Loch Fyne has around 173 days of rain every year which tested the Solarpost’s IP66 rating more than most environments. (IP66 ensures an enclosure is dust tight and is protected against heavy seas and powerful jets of water.)

With a latitude of nearly 56? north, winter days are short in Portavadie so extensive testing was carried out to confirm the manufacturer’s claims that Solarpost’s integrated energy management system could use the available sunlight to develop enough energy to power the LEDs and provide bright, reliable lighting. Throughout the winter, there were no problems with reliability and lighting was at or above the levels required at all times.

Jamie wood, Managing Director of onthecase (UK) Ltd commented “Portavadie Marina has one of the most challenging environments where we have trialled Solarposts and we have been delighted with their reliability and illumination brightness. Neither the wet climate nor the short days of a Scottish winter were a problem.”

Installation of Solarpost is straightforward requiring only a base plate to be secured to the surface into which the Solarpost is then located. Being solar powered, the solarpost is entirely self-contained.

Energy running costs are zero with only minimal annual maintenance required, usually just a clean with a damp cloth to remove dust and other debris building up on the LEDs and solar cell surfaces.

Solarpost is the result of over two years research and development. Two levels of illumination are provided. A lower lighting level is continuous from dusk until dawn; the level increases automatically when the Solarpost PIR sensors detect someone approaching which is maintained for about 20 seconds. As the person travels passed the Solarposts, each automatically brightens in turn providing a moving pool of light.

Launched in 2015, Solarposts have been designed and are manufactured entirely in the UK by onthecase (UK) Ltd.

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