SolarCoin Grants Expand to Greece and Australia

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The SolarCoin Foundation continues its Pilot granting program by granting SolarCoins to solar electricity generators in Greece and Australia.

Greece  – Georgios Zavitsanos submitted a claim for a solar electricity generation facility located in the city of Neochori.  A  996.8KW installation generated 3225.66 MWh of electricity from Mar 2012 to Mar 2014.

Grant transactions  can be verified using a SolarCoin BlockChain explorer:

Australia – John Scotese submitted claims for two solar electricity generation facilities located in the city of Port Douglas. A 3KW installation generated 7.44 MWh of electricity from Jun 2012 to Feb 2014 and a 1.5KW installation generated 4.63 MWh of electricity from Jun 2011 to Mar 2014.

SolarCoin is a new digital currency given to solar electricity generators at the rate of 1 SolarCoin (SLR) for each of 1 MWh of proven solar electricity generated.  SolarCoin grants are free and are given for solar electricity generated from Jan 1, 2010 onward.  Grants are verified based on meter readings and utility interconnect data.  To claim your SolarCoin, please visit the SolarCoin Pilot Grant page.

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