Apricus Solar Hot Water Residential Systems

Apricus is a global company focused on providing simple and effective solutions for families and businesses concerned about the effects of climate change and rising costs. Apricus solar thermal systems are widely used in both residential and commercial applications to provide hot water, space , industrial hot water and even air-conditioning.

The Apricus or Solar Water Heater is a device that absorbs thermal energy from the sun and converts it into usable heat. The heat is normally absorbed by water, or a freeze resistant water mix, which can then be used to supplement hot water heating, space heating and even space cooling via use of an absorption chiller or dessicant cooler technology.

Below are the key features of the Apricus Solar Collector design.

  1. Internationally certified product
  2. Reliable, efficient, twin-glass evacuated tubes
  3. Copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer
  4. Easy plug-in installation
  5. Maintenance Free

  6. Suitable for mains pressure water (up to 8 bar/116psi)
  7. Corrosion resistant silver brazed copper header
  8. All stainless steel frame (439 grade SS)
  9. Black or Silver aluminium casing
  10. Stable solar conversion throughout the day (tubes passively track the sun)
  11. The perfect solar collector for domestic solar water heater systems
  12. Ideal for commercial solar water heating applications
  13. Comprehensive 10 year limited warranty

to learn more about Apricus solar hot water go to http://www.apricus.com/

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  • We’ve just had yet another minor failure with our Apricus solar hot water- it seems that we’ve had to replace something every year or so. The controller that was replaced just 3 years ago now has to be replaced at a cost of $450 or more.
    The repairs on this system are adding up to the amount of money we’d have to pay for power.
    In addition, we had two tubes broken in a hailstorm last year, and still haven’t been able to replace them. The installer has told us he hasn’t got time, we can’t seem to buy the replacement tubes anywhere because ‘they get broken when they are transported’
    Why can’t we just pay a little bit more and get some durable parts for this system – the concept is excellent, and when it works, it’s terrific.

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