How Solar Thermal Heating Systems Work – The Video

Solar Thermal Heating Systems
An evacuated solar collector is fitted to the roof to absorb the sun's heat and transfer it to the fluid in the solar circuit pipes

Solar Thermal Heating Systems ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

This video does a very good job of explaining how solar thermal heating systems work. This technology is so easy and simple to install it makes me wonder why everyone has not done it.

Solar thermal heating systems harvest solar energy through a collector which absorbs energy from the sun, this energy is transferred into heat in a glycol solution that flows through heat in the collector and the heat is then transferred to the water which is stored in a conventional hot water system.

This German manufactured solar thermal systems are designed to deliver up to 90% of your hot water heating demand when little space heating is required, and can provide at least 40-60% of all your hot water requirements throughout the year. Over 70% of the average household’s energy use goes into space and water heating, so a free source of hot water can make a dramatic financial saving.


A solar thermal water heating system consists of three main parts:

A look at the solar heating process step by step.

An evacuated solar collector is fitted to the roof to absorb the sun’s heat and transfer it to the fluid in the solar circuit pipes. The solar circuit transports the hot fluid from the collectors to the hot water cylinder, the hot water cylinder receives the hot fluid and transfers the heat to the domestic hot water supply.

Of the many benefits resulting from the installation of a solar thermal hot water heating system, the three biggest ones are as follows:

1. An immediate saving on hot water bills
2. The extended life of your boiler by up to 60%, having reduced the amount of heavy work required to heat your hot water
3. Long term financial reward from the tax-free income proposed by the government’s renewal heat incentive scheme.

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