About the Solar Thermal Magazine Team

is an online publication dedicated to the understanding and global adoption of clean energy and energy consumption best practices. With beginnings supporting the concentrated solar community, now encompasses all clean energy that is derived from the power of the sun. This includes such technologies as wind, wave and alternative fuels.From major utility scale clean energy installations around the world to exciting development in electric vehicles to installing a solar thermal hot water heater in your home, our passionate team brings you the latest news, topical technological trends and worldwide market developments.

Unlike many online publications, our team consists of technology and business professionals, not marketing and IT experts. We have a passion for renewable energy and want to promote it to the world! Our backgrounds enable us to provide unique perspectives to the challenges facing the renewable energy industry and concentrated solar market in particular.

We will also keep you up to date on important happenings with climate change, the fossil fuel and nuclear energy industries as they have such an impact on the future development of the concentrated solar industry.

Meet the Solar Thermal Magazine Team

Tracey Smith – Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Tracey brings a diverse background in finance, accounting and management consulting to Solar Thermal Magazine. She has a degree in economics, a professional accounting designation and experience ranging from treasury management to small business and tax consulting.Her firm belief that sustainability is the key to the future of the planet along with her passion for nature and animals are what drove her to co-found Solar Thermal Magazine and its publisher Energy Think Group. She is excited to be a force for positive change in the world.

Gordon Smith – Co-Founder & Technology Writer

Gordon is the co-creator of Solar Thermal Magazine and is as a frequent technology contributor.He holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Alternative Energy Technology. He is an expert in the field of industrial energy efficiency and the implementation of renewable energy.

He has dedicated himself to renewable energy and energy efficiency and firmly believes that solar thermal technology is the key to breaking the worlds addiction to dirty energy.


Our Goal :

To promote clean energy research and implementation around the world by educating ourselves , our readers and supporting the individuals, companies and institutions that will change our world.

Solar Thermal Magazine.com is published by Energy Think Group LLC.



  • Gallo says:


    I would have liked our latest innovation in solar concentration, the solar lighter B * Fly
    the websore is http://www.idcook.com
    IDCOOK our demonstration center, with hundreds of videos: http://www.youaresolar.com

    SUNITED conceives products lighter the entral through the CSP, BBQ with the aid of its solar mirror S-ReflecT.

    Sunny regards
    Gilles Gallo

  • I am writing to ask your permission to copy your images for a summer book display on subjects related to climate change. I’m a librarian at a public library in suburban Houston, Texas. Each summer we have a Summer Reading Program; this year’s theme is Science. I am putting together a display of books and I’m hoping to use a collage of images of solar thermal and solar voltaic projects from around the world. (As you might expect, down here in ‘Oil City’ we don’t see a lot of these!) I will certainly cite my sources and welcome citing particulars if you have preferences.

    Thanks so much. I love your posts on my Facebook; you’re educating me quickly!

    Barbara Mitchell
    LSC-Tomball Community Library
    Tomball, TX 77375 U.S.A.

  • dear sir

    We Delta Sugar Company
    Are doing a project to generate electricity from solar energy at the site of the company’s northern province of Kafr Al-Shaikh ability of Egypt 3 MWh
    grid connection

    eng.ashraf newigy
    instrument engineer
    Head Office Block 17-markaz elkhadamat st.4th quarter 6th october city/font
    Telephone (+202) 38308212 / 38308213 / 38308236
    P.O Box 79/12566
    Fax (+202) 38311060
    Factory El Hamoul – Kafr El Sheikh
    Telephone (+2047) 3760369 / 3760290
    Fax (+2047) 2760300

    Page 1/2

    Delta Sugar as a leader company of producing high quality granulated white sugar from beet in middle east intending to launch 3.0 Megawatt block solar power plant with herewith specifications :-

    * Solar power plant 3000 KWP tie grid 11 KV, 50 Hz,
    * Continuous day & night working grid,
    * Site: our factories in north of Egypt – kafrelsheikh-Elhamoul,
    * Site location: lat. 31.1, Lang. 30.9,
    *Output voltage: 11 KV, 50 Hz synchronized with our local factory grid,
    *power grid supply:
    -power conditioning unit (PCU) SKID system,
    -pro solar inverter 2 units,
    -PADCON central box + senor box,
    -medium voltage transformer
    -built in PID protection device,
    -dynamic reactive power control
    -11 KV, 50 Hz voltage power grid and synchronization,
    *lightning protection: active lightning shield,
    *photovoltaic modules,
    *plant management: power plant controller (ppc),
    *Monitoring: service package with real time monitoring system in English language,
    *system efficiency,
    *valid air temperature: up to 55 degree c,
    *AC and DC system including:
    -arrays of PV module,
    -DC cabling,
    -DC connectors, DC junction boxes,
    -protection devices

    Page 2/2

    *the project will be turn – key acceptance complete with installation – commissioning –
    Putting in operation,
    *Guarantee three years after operation of all equipments,
    *all software of project are in English language
    *origin of all equipments: EU or USA
    *Five copies of documents hard and CD ROMs,
    *Five copies of all soft ware and licenses,

  • Bernie Haratty says:

    I live in western Washington, zip code 98223. I have had a flat pannel on my roof for over 20 years to heat water with. It has just recently stopped working. Perhaps the exchanger is plunged or something else. I need help finding someone to work on this for me. can you help me?
    Bernard Hanratty

  • Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed -Mahatma Gandhi

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  • Good afternoon. My name is Lee Buchsbaum. I’m an independent photojournalist with a background in energy. I’ve got a couple of story ideas that may be of interest. Who can I pitch these to at Solar Thermal?

    Please feel free to reach me at 303-746-8172 or via email at lee@lmbphotography.com.


  • Request email address of Editor-in-Chief Ms. Tracey smith.

    Warm regards,

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