Solar Energy Training in India with Global Sustainable Energy Solutions

Solar Energy Training in India leads to jobs in Solar Energy

Solar Energy Training in India leads to jobs in Solar Energy

Solar Energy Training in India – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

India is one of the biggest and most populated countries on the planet. It is ranked second on the world population list, right behind China, a spot that it has been holding for years. India is home for over 1.25 billion people and just like any country with such an enormous population, unemployment is a major problem. Fortunately for the citizens of India, there is a huge potential to massively reduce the unemployment rate. That is the solar energy industry and its rapidly growing rate of development.

In a country where solar energy potential is very high, the utilization of solar energy technology such as solar pv, hot water and concentrated solar thermal makes both environmental and economic sense. The with this of course the problem of unemployment will be drastically reduced since both the construction and maintenance of these solar plants require devoted people working in the facilities.

In order for people in India that are interested in beginning to work in the clean energy industry there needs to be access to a well structured, comprehensive and affordable training program that will prepare the employees for careers in industries such as wind and solar power.

GSES is one of the most largest companies in the field of renewable energy education and certification in India. GSES stands for Global Sustainable Energy Solutions. It has many projects in various different countries around the world, including India. The training programs are organized flawlessly, offering comprehensible information and insight when it comes to installing solar energy panels which are, then, becoming a part of the energy storage grid.

The courses are separated into 3 categories, according to the course level. Professional, technical, and business advantage.

Professional advantage

Professional advantage courses focus on the engineering part of the installation. What they are is an introduction to solar energy facilities, offering to the students an overall description of all the various parts and equipment types that are required for a plant to function properly. A Certificate of Attainment is issued to everyone attending this type of courses.

Technical advantage

Technical advantage courses concern the technicians of the work force. These are detailed courses that allow the students to gain insight on the ways and techniques to complete a proper solar plant installation, and also, to maintain it so that 100% performance is achieved during its entire lifetime. Certificates of Attainment will be issued for these type of courses as well.

Business advantage

The third and final category is the business advantage courses. The term is self explanatory. Students of this type of courses will learn about the financial and business administration aspects of the solar energy industry, an area equally important to the two previous categories. Once again, Certificates of Attainment will be issued.

As we mentioned earlier, there is a big number of courses scheduled to begin in the following months, but there are also a couple of ongoing ones. The aspiring students can choose between attending the courses in person or participate on the Internet. The current ongoing courses are both online and they belong to two different categories. The first one is “Online Grid Connected PV System Design“ in professional advantage, while the second one is “Solar Power System Fundamentals: System Technology, Understanding and Safety“ in the business advantage category.

The soonest available course is starting 13 days from now, in June 13 and it is about design and installation of photovoltaic systems that are connected to a grid.

People interesting in enrolling in these really amazing courses can find all the information they need by visiting the company’s website: There are numerous sections of extensive, detailed guides and also answers to the most commonly asked questions concerning the company, the courses and their structure, the staff or anything else you might want to ask. This is where you will also find out the cost of each course, as well as the most important parts of the ones you choose to enroll to.

Moving forward with Clean Energy

Scientific progress and the invention of new methods to improve the quality of our lives are not solely based on machines, computers and other components of the modern industry. What we really need are educated and well trained people with a clear vision of the future and an undying desire to make history. Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, a quote that we witness being verified more and more often, when we are offered new inventions by people living in remote places with minimal access to technology. The Internet makes it possible for everyone of us to excel in the scientific field of our choosing. The future is ours, all we have to do is make the most out of it.



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