Solar Company Spotlight: Australia’s Technique Solar

Solar hybrid technology from Technique Solar in Australia

Solar hybrid technology from Technique Solar in Australia

Australia’s Technique Solar – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

The Directors of Technique Solar were first introduced to a brand new concept for a solar energy electric generation at Melbourne’s RMIT University in 2003. The company leaders were so impressed with the research that they funded the PHd student’s completion of the project, prototype development and then eventually hired the team responsible into the company.

This is a hybrid technology that is now referred to as Techniques Solar Module (TSM). With this concept and design, the company has managed to customize efficient solar panels that can be used either commercial purposes or domestic purposes.

TSM technology specifications.

Technique Solar, through its invention, the Technique Solar Module or TSM, feels that when compared to conventional home solar panels they have the clean advantage with several key features that distinguishes it from the rest. Here are four reasons why:

1-  The tracking system gives it the liberty to optimize direct sunlight as compared to the PV solar system.

2 – The technology features a recirculating water through the technique Solar Module heat exchanging array.

3 – TSM technology encompasses heat energy driven air-conditioners that ultimately will be able to utilize the heat energy produced by TSM.

4 – Apart from delivering electrical energy, it also produces heat energy which can be stored in hot water tanks for later use.

What makes Technique Solar Special?

Technique Solar, has developed an their TSM technology through a joint financing initiative with about 200 investors. In contrast to a traditional home solar pv system which stops making power after the sun goes down, TSM technology has the ability to store heat energy for use after dark. As a result, day or night you have full access to sustainable home solar panel energy.

Technique solar has combined this hybrid solar thermal pv system with sun tracking to maximize the energy available during the day, as well a lens system to focus the sun’s rays and finally a water cooling system to keep the solar cells at just the right temperature.

Combined into one hybrid design this system from Technique Solar works at a staggering 40% higher efficiency than the traditional PV home solar panels and is capable of reducing energy consumption from original sources by an amazing 60%.





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